Problem description: Description of the condition (time of onset, main symptoms, symptom changes, etc.): It has been a long time, I went to another place to get up, the back has been scratched and the calluses are black, and the inner thighs are also , The medicine for skin diseases is mild, and after stopping the medicine, it recurs, but it can’t get the roots. I hope a good doctor will answer.
Question date:2020-10-27
Patient information:Age: 45 years old Gender: Male
Question analysis: Hello, see if you have a rash on a large area of ​​skin, consider it to be urticaria or eczema. In fact, such rashes are generally sterilized, anti-itch, and anti-allergic treatments.
Guide and suggestion: It is recommended that you can apply Moss Bizhi Cream, stick to it for a week, and apply it twice a day. Always pay attention to a light diet and less oil, avoid eating spicy food that stimulates coldness, and drink plenty of water.
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