What to do with premenstrual water retention

Menstruation is actually an important way to help women judge whether the body is healthy. If you know enough about the normal patterns and phenomena of menstruation, you will be more sensitive to abnormal conditions before and after menstruation, and you can Find out that your body is abnormal in time. Therefore, women need to learn more about menstruation. So, what about water retention before menstruation?

Premenstrual water retention can also be called premenstrual edema. This is caused by increased estrogen in women. It may be related to women’s daily excessive staying up late and psychological stress. . Premenstrual water retention caused by these factors does not require medication, but only needs to eliminate psychological anxiety and maintain an optimistic attitude can be alleviated.

Limiting salt intake before menstruation can directly alleviate premenstrual water retention. Women can reduce their salt intake from the first 10 days of menstruation, and only end salt control measures until the menstruation comes. Don’t mind the non-severe premenstrual water retention, if it is severe premenstrual water retention, then you should choose medication under the doctor’s advice.

Severe premenstrual water retention will manifest as pleural and abdominal effusion, most of which are caused by renal failure, which means that the water stored in the female body cannot pass through The kidneys are excreted from the body, which in turn causes blood pressure and height. From this it seems that premenstrual water retention cannot be completely ignored, and regular monitoring should be carried out to avoid accidents.