What is early pregnancy

When wondering whether they are pregnant, most women choose to buy early pregnancy test strips to verify their ideas, that is to say, for early pregnancy tests, many people They all proceeded this way logically. After confirming the pregnancy and deciding to have a baby, they also took their natural steps to raise the fetus. I didn’t even think about it, and maybe I don’t know what early pregnancy is.

Early pregnancy is actually an early pregnancy. Before a woman is 3 months pregnant, this period of time becomes an early pregnancy. During the early pregnancy, the fetus is not stable, so female friends You must be cautious and have a good fetus. During early pregnancy, many pregnant women will experience dizziness, weakness of limbs, loss of appetite, nausea and nausea. This is the early pregnancy reaction.

Generally speaking, it takes 7 days to postpone menstruation to test early pregnancy with test strips. Otherwise, the result may not be accurate enough. It usually takes 7 days to get pregnant after having sex. In other words, the day of pregnancy is counted from the day of intercourse. After 7 days, it can be detected whether the pregnancy is successful or not.

If you are still skeptical about the test result, you can go to the hospital for a blood test. Generally speaking, this kind of test is the most accurate. After pregnancy, women are advised to have a light diet, eat more seasonal vegetables and fruits, and refuse spicy and greasy foods. If women have a habit of smoking and drinking, they should quit smoking and drinking for the healthy development of their babies.