What is a naive uterus

In daily life, the probability of hearing the word naive uterus is relatively low, so many people don’t have a concept about it. The disease of the uterus, but as for what it is, many people don’t know exactly what is a naive uterus. So, what exactly is a naive uterus?

The naive uterus means that as the age increases, all aspects of the female body are mature, but the uterus does not develop as scheduled, resulting in The normal indicators are very different, so it is called a naive uterus. Women with immature uterus usually show sparse menstrual flow. Compared with people of the same year, menarche comes later.

How do you find out if you are a naive uterus? Women can go to a regular gynecological hospital and perform a B-ultrasonic examination to see if the uterus has developed To the size that matches your age. In addition, pay attention to the development of the cervix. If the cervix is ​​found to be longer, it can also be judged as uterine dysplasia.

If it is confirmed that it is a naive uterus, the patient can be treated with drugs under the treatment of a doctor. Generally speaking, estrogen and progesterone cycles are carried out during adolescence The effect of sexual treatment is very good. However, if treatment is passed after puberty, it is relatively less effective, so early detection and treatment of naive uterus are necessary.