Problem description: Description of the condition (time of onset, main symptoms, symptom changes, etc.): Nine years ago, I was delayed in the local area for two months due to fever, and it took within one year for the fever to be reduced at the Jinan Chest Hospital and it was found that there was pus in the back After the operation, the patient never had a fever until April this year. It was only discovered in April this year that it was a pulmonary fungal infection. Currently, the patient has only two pages left in the lungs of the patient receiving a tranquilizer on the ICU tracheal intubation ventilator. The following is the information of the ICU patient, please kindly Will the doctor help my dad? I’m very distressed whether I went to the hospital for treatment: I have not been. Current medication description: No medication. Past medical and surgical history: No.
Question date: 2020-10- 28
Patient information:Age: 56 years old, Gender: Male
Problem analysis: Nine years ago, it was discovered that there was an abscess in the back spine due to fever. After surgery Get better. A fungal infection in the lungs was discovered in April of this year. Currently, he is treated with a ventilator for tracheal intubation in the ICU. The lung lesions are severe.
Guide suggestion: Hello! If you have been admitted to the ICU ward, it means your condition is critical and life-threatening. It is recommended to use the medication according to the doctor’s plan. The doctor will comprehensively evaluate the condition and prognosis based on the examination results, and then go all out for treatment, but some diseases are in the advanced stage of the doctor’s helpless. It is recommended to cooperate with the doctor for medication.
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