Description of the problem: Female, 72 years old, pulling blood, hemorrhage in the intestines, unable to enteroscopy, fever 38 can not be lowered, hemostasis and anti-inflammatory are all infusion, how to lower body temperature
problem Date: 2020-10-28
Patient information:Age: 72 years old Gender: Female
Problem analysis:Hello, you Now this situation is considered to be blood in the stool and intestinal hemorrhage caused by gastrointestinal bleeding. Fever must be an infection, and if the infection cannot be controlled, it will definitely be difficult to get rid of the fever.
Guide and suggestion: Check your blood routine for your condition. If the anemia is severe, blood transfusion is recommended and physical cooling is recommended. In general, the blood volume increases and the immunity is increased, plus the infusion of anti-inflammatory, it will reduce the fever.
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