Problem description: Consider more secondary pulmonary tuberculosis in the middle and upper fields of both lungs. At present, the focus is mainly indurated fibrosis. Is the disease not fully cured or infected with tuberculosis
Date of problem :2020-10-28
Patient information:Age: 78 years old Gender: Male
Problem analysis:Hello, both lungs Secondary pulmonary tuberculosis in Ueno, mainly fibrosis of hard tuberculosis. From your information, old tuberculosis is basically clear. It is recommended to search for tuberculosis bacillus and do a tuberculin test with sputum. If the sputum bacteria are repeatedly negative, PPD negative or weakly positive, active binding can be ruled out and there is no infectiousness, then no medication will be taken, but reexamination is required.
Guidance suggestion: It is suggested that you can do sputum and tuberculin test first to see the specific situation, and then consider whether you need treatment.
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