Problem description: Maternal inheritance, poor sleep, eyes, pain, dryness, bitter mouth, smelly, frequent farting, diarrhea, stomachache, long-term indigestion. Now the doctor asks to eat, Entecavir capsules. I know this medicine cannot be stopped after taking it. My current DNA, and surface antigen virus. Can I take this medicine? It is better to take Chinese medicine.
Question date:2020-10-28
Patient information:Age: 42 years old Gender: Female
Question analysis: Hello, Entecavir is currently a relatively advanced and commonly used drug in the treatment of hepatitis B virus. If you check that the hepatitis B virus DNA is high, you can eat Entecavir capsules. Normally, the liver is a detoxification organ, and the function of the detoxification organ is reduced, so there will be abnormal symptoms such as bitter mouth, bad breath, and farting.
Guide and suggestion: It is recommended that you actively cooperate with the treatment according to the doctor’s plan. Always pay attention to a light diet, eat more high-protein, easily digestible and fresh foods, live and eat regularly, avoid staying up late, avoid smoking and drinking, and protect your liver.
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