Problem description: Hello, I have performed foreskin surgery and frenulum extension in our private hospital. It has been 19 days. The foreskin is basically good but the frenulum has not been good. Today After that, there are still abscesses. The daily treatment is laser roasting and atomization, and then dressing with medicine. It cost more than 30,000 yuan before and after. Now I don’t know what to do. You can give me some pointers. Thank you. , Doctor
Question date:2020-11-03
Patient information:Age: 118 years old Gender: Male
Question Analysis: In this case, taking physical therapy into consideration is that recovery is unlikely to be better.
Guide suggestion: If there is a local abscess, I personally suggest to consider the need to do a bacterial culture. According to the result of the bacterial culture, choose a reasonable antibiotic, and then insist on changing the dressing every day to keep the local dry and dry. clean.
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