Provide one-stop smart logistics solutions for manufacturing, tripartite logistics and other enterprises.

Author: Xiong Yi pure

Editor: Shi Yaqiong

It is learned that recently, the Propaganda Department of the smart logistics solution provider “Yunyou Freight” completed the B round of tens of millions of dollars in financing jointly led by Tencent and Zhongding Capital. This round of financing will be used to expand business scale, expand operating areas and models, and invest in research and development.

“Yunyou Cargo” is a smart logistics solution provider that provides one-stop transportation services based on the vehicle trunk line business. Yunyou Freight conducts dynamic mesh scheduling, route planning and operation planning for vehicles based on intelligent algorithms.

Zhou Jilong, CEO of Yunyou Freight, said that both ends of the supply and demand of the B2B logistics market are very fragmented, which has caused the industry to have low transportation efficiency and different industry standards. Most of the supply side is the capacity of individual drivers, performance and service capabilities are far inferior to organized capacity, and the organization and dispatch of vehicles rely on labor and experience; on the demand side, cargo owners are relatively price-sensitive while requiring transportation performance services.

In addition, the logistics customers at this stage are relatively scattered, and their needs are also scattered. The orders are mostly single-point to multi-point transportation, which leads to the situation of “empty return” and excessive waiting time for the shipping party.

Yunyou Freight aims at the industry’s pain points such as low logistics efficiency, and improves the efficiency of scheduling and path planning in the logistics process through self-developed multiple fusion algorithms, machine learning, and operations research smart logistics products. It has established a logistics service platform by organizing social transportation capacity, and has established a self-operating force with standardized pricing and order dispatch capabilities. Zhou Jilong told that the company’s business is concentrated on long-distance trunk lines, with an average transportation mileage of 1200-1500 kilometers. At the same time, the current business scope only includes vehicle transportation, not LTL logistics.

Yunyou Freight’s solution hopes to provide customers with accurate capacity matching on labels, and its self-operated private cars will also be one of its main competitiveness. For capacity drivers, smart logistics solutions can also reduce a lot of work and improve operational efficiency. Yunyou Freight hopes to allow drivers to focus on driving, while other business links such as finding orders, planning operations, and receiving payment can be completed by the platform. At the same time, in the process of intelligent transportation, Yunyou Cargo will also provide vehicle owner services such as refueling planning.

The company used to focus on logistics algorithms, but at this stage it will enrich its business links. Its product algorithm capability can support real-time decisions of one hundred thousand orders, output path planning and scheduling plans within a few seconds, and make dynamic scheduling, pricing and operational decisions. Zhou Jilong said that vehicles connected to the company’s platform can increase net income by 60-70%.

At present, the target customer cluster of Yunyou Freight is among manufacturing companies, trade circulation companies and tripartite logistics companies. Its customer acquisition mainly relies on offline teams for business development. After this round of financing, the company plans to expand the business team and districtsExpansion of the domain. It is reported that the monthly revenue of Yunyou Freight has reached tens of millions of RMB, and the business is expected to maintain a rate of doubling every quarter. Prior to this round of financing, Yunyou Freight had received A round led by Tencent and Joy Capital, Pre-A round led by Xintian Venture Capital, and angel round financing led by Lanchi Venture Capital.

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