Problem description: Hello, I have had acute pancreatitis more than a dozen times in the past ten years. Can you find the cause? The blood lipids are high, but the doctors here say it is not the reason, and the diet is also very careful, and it is extremely painful!
Question date:2020-11-03
Patient information:Age: 35 years old Gender: Female
Question analysis: Hello, the pancreas is an organ that secretes insulin and glucagon. Acute pancreatitis is a common disease that causes acute abdomen. The main symptom is sudden and persistent pain in the upper abdomen, and the pain radiates from the abdomen to the back, often accompanied by abdominal distension, nausea, and vomiting.
Guide and suggestion: Acute pancreatitis is often caused by alcohol abuse or combined with bile duct stone obstruction. We are here for online consultation and do not provide actual diagnosis and treatment. It is recommended that you go to the higher-level hospital system to check it. Whether there is gallstone disease, then test the bottom and cure.
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