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Pigeons We are all familiar with the homing pigeons that passed news in ancient times, and the flying pigeons passed on books. What about pigeon racing? Pigeon racing originated in Europe two hundred years ago and entered China in the late Qing Dynasty. At that time, the social atmosphere generally advocated foreign and foreigners, and the relatives of the prince Baylor liked to play. Later, the Qing Dynasty became lonely, and the pigeon racing also fell silent.

Until the past few decades, the living standards of Chinese people have improved, pigeon racing has gained new players, and pigeon associations have been established everywhere. Where there are associations, there are competitions, and where there are competitions, there are rewards. The rewards have gradually changed from the initial certificate to the bonus. Raising pigeons has also become large-scale, divided into one shed and boarding shed. The game of pigeon racing is to open the cage at the same time, and the winner is the one who returns first.

There are three main types of pigeon racing in China. The first category is competitions organized by local pigeon associations. The credibility of this type of competition is generally high, but the bonuses are relatively small, mostly in the tens of thousands or thousands of dollars. The main purpose is to communicate with fanciers, and the business atmosphere is not strong. Representative organizations include Chengdu Homing Pigeon Association, Shanghai Homing Pigeon Association, and Beijing Homing Pigeon Association.

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