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Some time ago, 78-year-old US President Biden fell three times in a row while trotting up the ladder of Air Force One. This incident aroused the “concern” of netizens all over the world.

Why did Biden stagger so much on an airplane? After more than a month of discussion, there was no answer. The White House spokesperson explained that the culprit was attributed to strong winds. In fact, it is not the first time that a US president has been unstable on a gangway with a height of only three floors. Many presidents in history have been so embarrassed.

But today is different. Thanks to the efforts of netizens, Biden has been “cared for” by many people all over the world. Numerous netizens have used this scene of falling down to spoof, for example, Trump’s little son posted it on Twitter. A spoof short film shows the schadenfreude incisively and vividly.

But if I really want to select the “best work” in this spoof, American netizens may be able to turn their eyes to us on the other side of the ocean-after Biden fell, a spoof that seems to have no sense of contradiction and “sufficiency” Advertisements for “Jian” brand shoes for the elderly became popular.

From the main small question mark ovo of station B up

Netizens who often see Foot Life Fitness advertisements on CCTV should be familiar with it. Its advertising duration can be up to more than 3 minutes, and it has several indispensable elements: First, it needs to be worn by old people. The meaningless happy sports scenes after putting on the shoes; secondly, the exclusive interviews with those old people who know the fake shoes can no longer be fake can be described as the finishing touch.

In this more than 40-second video, we borrowed a lot of Biden’s old and strong, radiant-looking image materials to integrate the above elements, and the integration is ingenious and quite international.

In contrast, the more bizarre situation is that due to the popularity of the video on Weibo, it has attracted a lot of attention and reposts. Recently, the mainstream media even went to the brand side of Zu Lijian to inquire, and the result was sufficient. Jian official refutes the rumor seriously:

“The advertisement is not an official release, it should be a spoof by netizens.”

I don’t know if Biden will be ridiculed when he learns that the other side of the ocean has become popular on the Internet because of the “endorsement” of such a product.


It is estimated that even the boss of Foot Life Fitness does not know why their first-generation product advertisements have become one of the most well-known ghost and animal materials at station B today.

Searching for “Fruit Fitness”, it is not difficult to find that almost all the stars in the ghost animal district are part of the endorsement team of Zu Le Fitness. Zu Lijian, composed of various classic quotations from Li Yunlong, is considering opening up the Japanese women’s market:

Sun Xiaochuan’s endorsement needs to take care of potential “dog fans”:

As for the “Rushing Führer” who has been active in the front line all the year round, the omnipotent empty ear still works well, but the Führer seems not satisfied with the shoe experience.

In the U.S. election, Biden defeated Trump to become president, but in the matter of endorsing old shoes, Biden is destined not to be ahead of Trump. Because Trump became a star in the ghost animal area at station B very early, the endorsement has also been arranged long ago.

Olige, Ma Baoguo, Teacher Guo, Zhong Meimei… As long as you can think of the top stream in the ghost and livestock area, they are basically one of the “endorsement groups”.

But Biden’s potential is not small. You can have this kind of treatment only when you take up the post of President of the United States.

As the main body of Biden’s endorsement spoof videos, the popularity of Foot Life’s advertisements in the ghost animal area is probably because it can occupy countless 3 minutes of multiple channels including CCTV every day, and it will be given to the audience for a long time. For the sake of brainwashing.

In the beginning, Foot Life Fitness ads were actually classified as “distasteful” by many of its non-target groups. Because the whole advertisement reveals an unspeakable “plastic feeling”, or embarrassment.

Speaking of the content of the advertisement alone, there are no surprises in Foot Life Fitness. The introduction to the technology part is scribbled, and the whole article emphasizes the concept of shoes for the elderly. More importantly, from spokespersons to advertising actors, although the acting skills in the advertisements are superb, the traces of the performance are too heavy. On the contrary, many young audiences who surf every day have doubts about the product itself, which is really unconvincing.

This line of phone numbers at the bottom of the screen directly brings netizens into the irritability caused by endless TV shopping.

From a trend point of view, Foot FitnessThe positioning of is not aimed at young people, so the overall advertisement reveals a style that is out of touch with modern advertising, and the look and feel is really not very good.

However, over time, the netizens who have been bombarded by these three minutes have gradually felt the magic brought about by this embarrassment-all these seem to be fake, but they have become a group in the comparison of many online advertisements. There are even some retro flavors with a sense of age. More importantly, when they replaced those useless lenses with their images, they found that the advertisements still had no sense of contradiction.

Just like the recently popular “magic doctor universe”, when the outrageous degree of a TV commercial (and the familiarity of the face) arrives at the same time At the peak, it has the qualifications to become an everlasting scenery in the ghost animal area of ​​station B. Over the years, Internet celebrities in the Guihu District have passed away one after another, but Foot Fitness is still strong, and it seems that it will become an eternal material.

This also resulted in the scene where the mainstream media deliberately asked the official Zulijian to verify the matter at the beginning. Of course, no one should believe that Zu Lijian really invited the spokesperson of the President of the United States.

On the one hand, the official release of Foot Life Fitness has been advertising year after year, and on the other hand, the ghost animal area has continuously produced new videos. Now “Foo Life Fitness” itself has gradually become a stalk. Last year, Liu Mintao’s version of “Red High Heels”, which went viral on the Internet, was ridiculed by netizens for “not matching high heels” with the singer’s extremely comfortable expression. In the end, it was crowned with the nickname “Red Foot Fitness”.


Actually, this version of the most well-known commercial is just the first version that was aired on TV in September 2016.

Later, as the product was updated, the advertisement was updated for several generations. But no one can replace the impression left by the first edition. After the brainwashing advertisement went out of the circle, Foot Force still established a relatively stereotyped impression in people’s minds.

The footwear advertisements for the elderly footwear for the foot are very clear: CCTV TV commercials, the main products for the elderly, and the label of filial piety… After this series of operations, except for the elderly who often watch TV, it is difficult to stop. People associate them with the popular TV marketing.

On the other hand, starting from the product itself, Foot Life Fitness itself has indeed caused a lot of trouble due to excessive publicity. As early as 2019, an old man from Pizhou City, Jiangsu Province, went out and fell and broke his right leg. He had to be hospitalized for recuperation. And the shoes he wears are exactly the foot health.

In this incident, the first step of the official Foot Health was to settle with the elderly privately and pay the other side some humanitarian compensation. However, in the following year, after seeing that the leg injury had not healed, the old man was angrily filed a lawsuit against Foot Fitness to court.

This incident caused a lot of public opinion at the time. Although objectively speaking, slipping while wearing shoes is a probability event, it is not necessarily directly related to the quality of the product, but it is related to the magical advertisement of “Elderly The comparison of the words “safety shoes”, “not afraid of slipping when going out”, is indeed a bit funny.

In this case, the old man was brought to court, and the only official spokesperson designated by “Foot Fitness”, actor Zhang Kaili, was on the grounds that false publicity was jointly and severally liable. In the advertisement, the lady said a sentence that caused countless netizens to spit, “I hope that the elderly in the world can wear a pair of healthy feet.”

“Fed Fitness” will iterate its products every once in a while, and the spokesperson Zhang Kaili has never changed. In the words of the netizens who like to ridicule the “Fu Lijian”, all his products are uniformly called “Kelly Zhang X-generation boots.” What’s even more depressing is that for young people who don’t understand the past, the classic roles played by the actor over half a hundred years old, and the look behind them, may not be as loud as the name of the old man’s shoes spokesperson.

When Kaili Zhang signed the endorsement of Zu Lijian in 2016, she probably did not expect that she would be deeply bound to the product of elderly shoes in the eyes of netizens in the future.


But there is one more thing you may not know-Foot Life Fitness also has “normal” ads.

In 2019, they launched a short group portrait depicting the lives of retired people, showing how the middle-aged and elderly people still love life after retirement-but compared to the first version of the screen in the ghost animal area, you have probably never seen this Serious ads.

This is exactly what Zu Lijian founder Zhang Jingkang expected when he first produced the first version of the ad.

Before the first version of the ad was launched, Foot Care had to undergo several revisions in the middle, and finally used that line, which was a little bit earthy but straightforward. In Zhang Jingkang’s own words, “the common people understand when they hear it, and they know it is what they want.”

The truth is the same, it seems that only the most straightforward and down-to-earth things can be given to peopleThey left the deepest impression-of course, not necessarily a good impression.

Now, like Foot Life Fitness, there are also the same brainwashed 8848 titanium mobile phone and small pot of tea advertisements that have become the universal material for the ghost animal area of ​​station B. Under the brainwashing of these advertisements, netizens simply put on the appearance of broken jars, distorting their original intentions in this way, and rudely combating the “mental pollution they have brought to people through television in the past few years.” “.

But it seems that Zu Lijian doesn’t plan to sit still. After asking Biden to endorse this oolong, the Football Club officially claimed that they will set up a special anti-counterfeiting department to follow up. No one knows whether they will follow up to the ghost animal area at Station B, and no one knows about Football Club.” Will the endorsement of Tiantuan continue to bring joy to people in the future?

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