Problem description: Rheumatoid arthritis was diagnosed on the 16th of last month and the drug was prescribed, and the second of this month was diagnosed by microscopy 1, duodenal ulcer (stage A1), 2, reflux esophagus Inflammation, 3, superficial gastritis (flat/erosive type, after the current doctor stopped loxoprofen sodium tablets, joint stiffness, swelling, and pain in movement occurred. How to deal with it in time.
Date of problem: 2020-11-04
Patient information:Age: 43 years old Gender: Male
Problem analysis:Hello. Leflunomide Specially continue to take. It takes about 3 months to take effect. Voltaren emulsion or Qingpeng ointment can be used externally.
Guidelines: You can take Celebrex. It has less gastrointestinal irritation. You can also take it. Qingfengtongning.
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