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On April 8th, Apple CEO Tim Cook recently stated that considering that he is 60 years old, he may leave the company in the next 10 years. Although this does not mean that Cook will step down in the short term, the issue of finding his successor has been put on the agenda. So, who is most likely to be his successor?

Not long ago, Cook accepted an exclusive interview with the New York Times columnist Kara Swisher’s (Kara Swisher) podcast. Swisher asked Cook if he would work at Apple for another ten years. Cook replied: “In another ten years? Probably not. But I can tell you that I feel good now and haven’t thought about leaving. But ten years is a long time, and I may not Stay for ten years.”

A possible successor to Apple’s current CEO Tim Cook

Since taking over as Apple’s CEO in 2011, Cook has led Apple through its most successful period of time. Although Cook’s style is not as high-profile as the company’s co-founder Steve Jobs, his business and lifestyle have become part of Apple’s DNA, and this approach will continue during his tenure.

It is unclear who will succeed Cook as the next CEO, despite the fact that many people in the company’s executive team are in an advantageous position. However, age is obviously an important factor. Wall Street investors, employees and consumers want assurance, no matter whoSuccession to Cook’s position requires not only the ability, but also the willingness and ability to serve as Apple’s chief of power for a long time.

Best choice: Craig Federige, Greg Joz Joswiak and Jeff Williams

From left to right are Craig Federigi, Greg Joz Joswiak, and Jeff Williams

Craig Federighi (Craig Federighi) has a very high succession call. He is loved by employees and is personable. He has He began to get involved in Apple’s software business, and his career at Apple can even be traced back to NeXT. The 51-year-old Apple’s senior vice president of software engineering has Apple’s unique qualifications, which is especially important in an iconic, personality-driven company.

Almost everything about Federici mentioned above also applies to Apple’s senior vice president of global marketing, Greg Joz Joswiak.(Greg “Joz” Joswiak). He has worked at Apple since 1986 and is popular both inside and outside the company, and he is a well-known figure. Although Joswiak’s current job is in charge of marketing, the 56-year-old also has a technical background. He previously worked on the Macintosh team and helped develop the original iPod and iPhone. Like Federigi, Joswiak is also the main character of Apple’s keynote speech, and his search for CEO has a huge advantage.

The third most likely successor is Jeff Williams(Jeff Williams). Before taking over as CEO, Cook had served as Apple’s chief operating officer, and the current position is held by Williams. Williams is 58 years old and has been since 1998 I have been working at Apple since 2010 and played a key role in the release of the first iPhone.

He also led the engineering development of Apple Watch, a wearable product that is far ahead of the competition, and Apple has become the world’s largest smart watch manufacturer. Like Federige and Joswiak, Williams is a frequent guest of Apple’s keynote speeches. In September 2020, he was selected to unveil the mystery of Apple Watch Series 6.

Cook is not Jobs, but his calm, methodical approach and advocacy of social issues have become a symbol of Apple in the post-Jobs era. At Apple, personality and presence are very important. All three options here are (Federigi, Joswiak and Williams) All meet this requirement. If any one of them succeeds Cook, investors, employees and company observers will feel relieved.

If Cook leaves at the age of 70 in 10 years, Federige will be 61, Joswiak will be 66, and Williams will be 68.

Alternative executives: Eddie Kuy or Phil Schiller

Eddie Cooy and Cook take a photo

Since Jobs came to power, Eddy Cue (Eddy Cue) and Phil Schiller (Phil Schiller) were promoted to Apple’s senior leadership, High-profile role. For everyone, taking over with a familiar face will feel like a safe choice.

Kue is Apple’s senior vice president in charge of Internet software and services, responsible for all content businesses of the company, including Apple Music, Apple Pay and iCloud. He has been working in this company since 1989.

Meanwhile, Schiller has taken a step back inside Apple. He used to be the senior vice president of global marketing and is now an Apple researcher, responsible for leading the Apple App Store and Apple Events.

From left to right are Cook, Jobs and Phil Schiller

Schiller and Cook are the same age, both are 60 years old now, and Kuy is younger than him, now 56 years old. Taking into account Schiller’s age and his lower status at Apple, Kuy is more likely to succeed of these two people, but still ranks behind Federigi, Joswiak and Williams.

Other possible executives: Lisa Jackson, Johnny Sludge, or John Tenus

Although these names may not top the list in 2021, many things may change in the next 5 to 10 years before Cook leaves.

Lisa Jackson, Apple’s Vice President of Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives

Lisa Jackson(Lisa Jackson) is Apple’s vice president of environmental, policy, and social initiatives. Under Cook’s leadership, this position has become very important, as evidenced by her constant appearance at Apple’s keynote speeches and product launches. Before joining Apple in 2013, she served as the Administrator of the US Environmental Protection Agency.

However, Jackson is now 59 years old, and her short tenure at Apple seems to make her succession difficult. But she is the most compelling woman in Apple’s leadership, and it is clear that Apple intends to continue to promote the diversity of its team. In addition, Jackson’s leadership experience may make her an ideal candidate to serve as CEO.

Johnny Srouji(Johny Srouji) is responsible for the Apple Silicon project, which will lead Apple in the next 10 years Years of development, this alone may make him the best candidate to succeed Cook. Slaughter is 57 years old and has been working at Apple since 2008. He has been employed for a little longer than Jackson, but still shorter than the other executives on the list.

Johnny Sludge, Senior Vice President of Apple Hardware Technology

Perhaps the most powerful candidate in this “third-tier” list is John Ternus, Apple’s senior vice president of hardware engineering.(John Ternus) . He has just been promoted to this position and has been working at Apple since 2001, responsible for overseeing hardware engineering work, including every generation and model of iPad, the latest iPhone and AirPods. Apple’s official resume also stated that Tenus has always been “a key leader in the transition from Mac to Apple Silicon.”

Apple’s new senior vice president of hardware engineering John Tenus

The exact age of Tenus is unknown, but his personal profile on the professional social networking site LinkedIn shows that he graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1997. According to the normal school age, he is probably over 40 years old.

Not in the leadership team, but still working at Apple: Dan Riccio

Dan Ricchio, former head of hardware engineering at Apple

Earlier this year, Apple announced that Dan Riccio (Dan Riccio), who was in charge of hardware engineering before Tenus took over, Will be responsible for a new secret project within the company. As a result, Riccio’s name and resume were deleted from Apple’s leadership page, but it is believed that he still plays an important role.

Riccio has been working at Apple since 1998, and in 2012 he was promoted to senior vice president together with Federigi. Riccio, 55, will be a potential candidate to succeed Cook, but it is still unclear whether Apple will keep him away from its latest project, which makes him further decline in the list of potential successor candidates.

External choice: former employee or outsider

Johnny Ivey, former chief design officer of Apple

It seems unlikely, but anything can happen, especially for a listed company, it may face pressure from investors to make eye-catching recruitment. Nevertheless, Apple’s most likely route is to promote from within, so the people above seem to have a greater chance of succession.

This means that if Apple’s next CEO plans to find an outsider to serve, it may target familiar names. At the top of the list will be Apple’s former chief design officer Jony Ive (Jony Ive). However, whether Ivey, 54 years old, will be interested in this role is still unknown.

Cook and Angela Ahrendts, former senior vice president of retail at Apple

Another candidate to consider is Angela Ahrendts(Angela Ahrendts), who served as senior vice president of Apple retail. Ahrendts has experience as CEO and she was in charge of Burberry from 2006 to 2014. But she is also the same age as Cook, and both are 60 years old this year.

Finally, is it possible for Apple to choose outsiders, people who have never worked at Apple? Apple’s unique culture and legendary history show that whoever takes over as Apple’s next CEO may be the person currently working for the company.

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