Description of the problem: I coughed for three days, but I was fed with Pediatric Paracetamol Huang Namin Granules and did not improve
Date of the problem: 2020-11-04
Patient information:Age: March Gender: Female
Problem analysis:Hello, the three-month-old baby coughs and sneezes. This is a symptom of upper respiratory tract infection. It is generally used for symptomatic medication. Commonly used drugs include Xiaoer Kechuan Ling, Pediatric Cough Syrup, and Kanggan Granules. I have used Pediatric Paracetamol Huang and Namin Granules and have not improved.
Guide and suggestion: It is recommended that you take your baby to the hospital to auscultate the lungs for the doctor and do a blood routine. Then targeted medication. It is more difficult for babies to compare snack medicine, so be careful.
Recommendations are for reference only. If the problem is serious, please go to the hospital for detailed inspection