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“Is this your sorghum syrup?”

“Oh oh my god, big brother, you scared me, wait for me to taste it, this is our sorghum syrup, QQ bombs, can draw silk…”

Friends, have you been screened by sorghum syrup recently?

From snacks to big sorghum glutinous rice, suddenly became a small net celebrity of X tone, and Shandong people were also embarrassed about it.

The circle of friends is full of “drawing parties” or “waiting for delivery parties”, and some friends specially send congratulatory messages-“Do you people in Shandong love drawing so much?” “The kind you brought in college Candy, send some more”…

People from Shandong:? ? ?

Following the yellow braised chicken and rice, sorghum glutinous rice finally made its way out of Shandong.

Shandong famous sorghum syrup

Is there anyone who doesn’t know about sorghum syrup? People from Shandong will give you popular science!

Many people think that sorghum glutinous rice is a rookie in the gummy session that has recently become popular with the help of the self-media platform. In fact, in Shandong, people have long been traditional “brand-name” gummy.

People’s childhood memories are golden monkeys and white rabbits. Shandong people’s childhood is the sticky and chewy sorghum. Even if it can’t replace the mainstream Ooh, Jiajia, and Xu Fuji, they can find a few pieces of caramel wrapped in yellow traditional sugar paper in the sugar box during the Chinese New Year.

Sorghum syrup is collectively referred to as syrup, which is known as “elastic, flexible, and tough”. These three words accurately summarize the characteristics of sorghum syrup—large elasticity, high flexibility, and strong toughness. Therefore, for every child in Shandong Sorghum syrup is not so delicious, but it must be the best game prop.

Peel off the wax paper packaging on the outside. There is also a layer of transparent glutinous rice paper inside. The glutinous rice paper does not need to be peeled off. Just put it in your mouth and feel the process of slowly dissolving. In fact, Shangliu Jun was very curious about this when he was a child. The structure of the “meat paper for eating” was specially designed to tear off the glutinous rice paper and eat it slowly, which was disgusted by parents.

The sorghum glutinous rice that has been melted into the sugar paper is smashed into various forms in the mouth. It is not disgusting. It will open its mouth to show the friends, and finally take a bite and QQ bomb.

The authentic sorghum syrup has different sweetness, but one common feature is that it will have the fragrance of grain, with a hint of sweetness.The scent of grain is the characteristic of traditional sorghum syrup.

But why is there a grain smell? Is sorghum syrup made from sorghum?

This is also the puzzle of children in Shandong from childhood to childhood—is there any sorghum in the sorghum syrup?

Actually, the earliest sorghum flour was indeed made with sorghum noodles. However, with the evolution of technology, some people found that the effect of corn flour was better and the taste was richer during the production process. Slowly everyone began to use corn flour to make it, and then gradually Transition to the use of corn starch, convert corn starch into glucose syrup, add appropriate amount of refined starch, sucrose, fruit juice, etc., simmer slowly, wait until the specified temperature, boil it into a porridge paste, pour it into the mold, and form it. The caramel.

Of course, the specific formulas of different brands will vary, but they are mostly these materials. Although there are basically no sorghum products in the raw materials, the name “sorghum syrup” has always been retained.

Actually, in Shandong, sorghum syrup is not always “soiled”.

Sorghum syrup was also as precious as its name at the beginning. Only during the New Year can you eat one or two. Even the wrapping paper is a good collection. The three characters of sorghum syrup are printed on the golden wax paper, which symbolizes the grand and festive New Year.

You know, at that time, such traditional style sugar paper was a symbol of exquisiteness.

△The early sugar paper is also very valuable for collection.

Now sorghum syrup has become a daily snack, and it has also moved out of Shandong, but most of the packaging is still the same, still with the three characters of sorghum syrup printed on wax paper.

Of course, there are also more elaborate packaging. In the 1960s and 1970s, packaging with the Qingdao beach and trestle bridge as the background was specially developed as a typical symbol of Qingdao souvenirs. At that time, it was popular in Qingdao for a long time.

In addition to packaging, sorghum syrup has also derived a variety of flavors, such as rose syrup, osmanthus sweet syrup, red date sweet syrup, and it is said that there is also a cough-relieving shellfish sweet syrup. There is always one suitable for you.

Where is the specialty?

In addition to the taste and raw materials, there is another doubtful point about sorghum syrup, which is where it comes from.

Although it is clearly stated on the packaging paper that sorghum syrup is a specialty of Shandong, we need to go further to trace the origin, which region of Shandong is the most authentic sorghum syrup is a question mark.

Actually, there are several different theories about the source of sorghum syrup.

The first type was in 1940, when a Japanese opened a candy store in Qingdao. An employee accidentally tried to make sweets from sorghum noodles and was a big success, so he decided to name the sugar sorghum syrup. Later, the other two The candy store also hired this employee one after another, and improved according to the original formula, and introduced different sorghum syrup. Caramel has also become a specialty of Qingdao in one fell swoop.

In 1956, all the candy factories in Qingdao merged, and later merged with the cold food factory to form the Qingdao Candy Cold Food Factory. “Fu Tao Brand Sorghum Meal” has also become the signature product of Qingdao Candy Cold Food Factory.

An insert here, in addition to the Buddha peach and sorghum syrup, there is also the prawn cake, which is also a special brand from the Qingdao Candy Cold Food Factory, without the crisp heart of prawns.Sugar, a bite full of peanut aroma, which Qingdao kid hasn’t bothered to buy it?

The second argument is that two brothers with the surname Liu opened the Qingdao Jiuchang Fruit Factory in 1948. The sorghum syrup produced in the factory is said to be the earliest sorghum syrup.

It is said that Qingdao Food Co., Ltd. also produced sorghum syrup before. Qingdao Food Co., Ltd., abbreviated as “Qingshi”, must be familiar to all Shandong friends. Another famous product from snacks to large-scale milk biscuits , Is also from Qingshi.

Out of Qingdao, other parts of Shandong also have their own sorghum syrup.

Jinan’s most famous is the sorghum syrup produced by the wild wind crisp, which has won the honorary titles of the most Shandong souvenir gold medal and Jinan famous flavor snacks, but compared to Shandong Province, this sorghum syrup is more oriented to the Northeast and Inner Mongolia. It is said that because the weather in these two places is relatively cold, the sorghum syrup itself has high calories to keep out the cold, and the locals prefer to eat it.

The other item that often appears in the pockets of children in Shandong is Sheng Fu Ji’s sorghum syrup, which is produced in Linyi Yinan County.

In fact, no matter whether it is Qingdao, Jinan, Linyi or other places, Shandong Province basically has traditional time-honored sorghum glutinous rice. As long as the brand is right, they are all authentic sorghum syrup.

How did sorghum flour go viral?

The hotness of sorghum syrup made people in Shandong stunned to see them, so they were shocked by eating two pieces of syrup.

Any search, you are either drawing, waiting for delivery, or making homemade sorghum syrup.

△Home-made sorghum glutinous rice dumpling scene|Source: @Mrs拔月小九

Before the Shandong baby had reacted, the sorghum glutinous rice had already been reviewed by partners from all over the country. There were mixed praises and criticisms. People who were obsessed with work had no intention of working and wanted to draw silk, but those who couldn’t love it felt a sacred voice and saccharine taste. My teeth are too sticky to pull the wire.

In short, the greater the expectation, the greater the disappointment.

A blogger even evaluated sorghum glutinous rice a couple of days ago, and a tooth was stuck!

△Source: @聪聪同学

In this regard, the sorghum syrup is also very wronged, and the Shandong children took the sorghum syrup and did not agree.

Actually, the high-ranking gentleman’s snacks to the big sorghum syrup are not so sticky. Otherwise, the dentistry at the Shandong regional hospital must be the leading one in the country. The Shandong friends have eaten for so many years, and we use our neat teeth to prove that it’s really not so sticky. sticky.

In addition to sweetness and viscosity, whether sorghum syrup can be brushed is also a discussion point for many netizens.

Some people say that the sorghum syrup from snacks cannot be drawn at all. It is normal soft candy, but some netizens say that the sorghum syrup that they ate at grandma’s when they were young can be drawn.

According to the person in charge of a time-honored brand, the high-quality sorghum gluten can be pulled up to about 8 cm after opening the wrapping paper with both hands. However, the material is relatively ordinary, not very tough, and usually breaks easily.

From the snacks to the big upper-class masters personally experience, we really haven’t paid attention to “pulling”, friends, don’t ask me if it is authentic. In fact, drawing is only a manifestation of the tenacity of sorghum glutinous rice, and some manufacturers will amplify this tenacity to attract buyers.

However, the “drawing” is absolutely indispensable for the rapid explosion of sorghum syrup. Of course, this is inseparable from the marketing of the merchants, but it has also successfully ignited everyone’s curiosity.

Curious whether it can really stretch such a long silk, and wonder what the medicinal candy will taste, some of these curiosities will be converted into the ultimate buyer.

Out of curiosity, the traditional background of sorghum syrup has brought it a filter of the times. In the past two years, traditional snacks have begun to revive on a large scale, and many traditional snacks from decades ago have suddenly exploded. The unchanging yellow wax paper of sorghum, the traditional packaging method, and even the old-fashioned taste, each point accurately cuts the nostalgic trend.

However, it is delicious or not. After you have tasted it, you will have your own judgment. The upper-class gentleman intimately reminds you not to blindly follow the trend, and everyone does what you can.

For the people of Shandong, everything from snacks to specialty products suddenly became an internet celebrity, and I don’t know much about it, but it succeeded in bringing back memories of homesickness. If you want to eat, you can only make a phone call. Go home, let parents mail two packages.

——”Mom, our sorghum sweetmeat…”

——”Which one did you say? QQ bombs, can you still draw silk?”

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