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On that day, Brother Feng saw a hot search on Weibo: #被古诗安利过的东西#.

The strength of this topic is that the full brother is already hungry before I click into it.

Whoever studied ancient poetry in class when he was young didn’t spend it in saliva.

Others can memorize “Peacock Flying Southeast” and “Chunjiang Flower Moon Night”, but you may only remember the puffer fish, lychee, osmanthus wine, moon cake, chicken, pork, roast beef…

▲Dongpo poems can’t be memorized, Dongpo meat is still a favorite

But so many years have passed, the “Pipa Xing” that others have memorized may have been almost forgotten, and the food you have grown up since childhood is still embedded in the verse and sleeping in your mind.

Until someOne day, I finally ate the legendary delicacy, and instantly awakened my memory. He was full of words, and suddenly realized that I was also a cultural man——

It’s not that you didn’t learn it, you just kept the knowledge in the safe of your little head, and you accidentally lost the key.

Eating is the key you have been searching for for many years.

© “Diet for Men and Women”

When was the first time you were greeted by ancient poetry?

The first song that the brother was planted with grass was Xin Qiji’s “Qingpingle·Village House”:

The eaves are low, and the stream is green. Drunk, Wu Yinxiang is so charming, who is the white-haired Weng Mai?

Da’er is hoeing Douxidong, Zhonger is weaving chicken coop. I like to lie down in children and peel off the lotus in Xitou.

After learning, the full brother really ran to the street to buy lotus plants and peel them back. After all, in Xin Qiji’s hometown, it is easy to get materials. In summer, there are still many grandpas who sell bicycles and sell lotus plants.

I went home excitedly and peeled a lotus seed, stuffed it in my mouth, wow, I’m so bitter, pah pah pah-with a misunderstanding of whether the ancients have a pica or not, it is the first time for my brother to pull the weeds. He failed when he was 7 years old.

Until later, the full brother’s little friend brought back to Wuhan lotus seeds to share. The sweetness of the lotus meat and the bitterness of the lotus heart are balanced and combined to form a unique fragrance of lotus seeds, which is not the same as what I ate when I was young. thing.

I turned the book again and found out that when Xin Qiji wrote this poem, he was still living in Jiangxi. In other words, he was referring to Southern lotus seeds.

Although it has gone through a bit of twists and turns, the weeding is still a success! Xin You Ancheng will not deceive me!

This time, it has contributed to the arrogance of my brother taking poetry collections as recipes, and since then he has challenged the magical Amway in the ancient poems.

For example, in the third grade, I learned Fan Zhongyan’s “The Fisherman on the River”:

People on the river, but love the beauty of perch.

Look at Yiye Zhou, haunting the storm.

How delicious is the perch to be worthy of the fishermen’s desperate catch? It didn’t take long for the full brother to eat steamed sea bass in Qingdao. It was so delicious that he was stunned, but he didn’t know how to describe it.

© Zhangzhou Circle

Until later, I saw a poem by Fan Chengda from Suzhou, which was quite accurate:

The cedars are so crispy that they are not everywhere except Songjiang.

Snow, pine, crisp, and greasy, used to describe the meat quality of sea bass, no matter how good it is, but the latter sentence makes people a little unconvinced:

The people in your free shipping area are too confident too! Why is it that river fish must be better than our northern sea fish!

As a result, the full brother’s face was beaten and swollen by a man.

© “Gintama”

This palm comes from the fat hand of the cook of the Great Song Dynasty, Su Dongpo.

Three or two peach blossoms outside the bamboo, spring river plumbing duck prophet.

The sprouts of Artemisia selengensis are short, which is exactly when the pufferfish wants to go.

There are ducks, wormwood, and reed buds. I wrote all the deliciousness in the free shipping area, but the most greedy pufferfish is the puffer fish that “desires” and doesn’t show up. The full brother is still thinking about it, one with poison and sting Fat fish, how delicious can it be?

Especially later in Beijing, when I ate the braised pufferfish from a certain chain brand, I was completely discouraged: this is it?

Until one day, the full brother hit the big luck: Zhenjiang full sister received a feed from the family, a braised puffer fish that was cooked and frozen, and your peach editorial department started to eat it on the spot——

Take a bite down, the blank head of the full brother, except for “delicious”, only has one thought:

In the future, Su Shi will be Li Jiaqi in the gourmet world in my mind!

© “Those Things in History”

However, the biggest crit that the brother has ever endured was “Dream of Red Mansions”.

In the thirty-eighth time, Baoyu and the little sisters ate crabs and admired chrysanthemums. They just lost to Daiyu in the poetry of chanting chrysanthemums. They wrote a chant of crabs and said arrogantly, “Who dares to do “:

Chili is more fond of the coolness of osmanthus, and ecstatic about pouring vinegar and ginger.

The gluttonous king and grandson should have wine, but the rampant son has no intestines.

There is cold and greedy in the navel, and the finger is smelly and smells like washing.

Originally, Po Xian had been busy with laughter all his life.

Subsequently, Daiyu’s relentless blow was: “Such a poem, even if you want a hundred poems.”-Baoyu, a soul snack, the whole poem is really true besides the enthusiastic praise of the uniqueness of the color, fragrance and taste of crabs. Nothing.

▲Daiyu: Humph

And the younger brother is also a little puzzled about Baoyu’s “pouring vinegar and ginger ecstasy” soul gluttony: As for?

After all, the full brother grew up eating crabs, and when Cao Xueqin was able to eat crabs when he was young, he probably ate crabs in Nanjing-crabs are so small and fat is limited, so good?

Later, the full brother finally got two hairy crabs by chance, and learned Baoyu’s “pouring vinegar and ginger” to eat: huh?

There are still this kind of food in the world. Are there two flavors of vinegar and not vinegar?

Sea crabs are dipped in vinegar. Often crabs taste like crabs and vinegar tastes like vinegar. When hairy crabs are paired with Zhenjiang fragrant vinegar, the mellow aroma of vinegar and the freshness of crabs have formed a new taste-no, Baoyu pen gives me ! Let me write!

© Magic Capital Exploration Team

However, weeding is not all successful.

The diet and aesthetics of the ancients are somewhat different from those of today, so violent weeding may slip into the cracks of history.

Ashu, the editor-in-chief, has encountered it once.

Since the Western Jin Dynasty Zhang Han missed the sea bass glutinous rice soup, his resignation and his return to his hometown have become a good story, and countless poets in later generations ate Amway and continued to grow grass breviche for future generations:

© “Taste of China”

Bai Juyi just wrote “The perch and brasenia flourish, come spring or plan to go to Jiangdong”, and Yuanzhen, a good friend, made an evaluation, “Breast bracken is silvery and tender, and perch flakes fat” .

Lu You chanted “This year’s new night of wild vegetables tastes, it is coming with the sea bass”, and Xu Zhen also looked forward to “the orange crab is sweet, the sea bass is beautiful, and the wine is served. Shuanggan”

One person, one line of poem, add up to 10,000 reasons for weeding. So Ashu bought a can of Brasenia candidum, opened it, took a bite, and prepared to climb the top of the taste of ancient literati——

Hey? It’s soft, slippery, and doesn’t have any smell… Why is it a bit like… snot?

▲Brown Vegetable Soup© Teach Vegetarian Food

No! It must be that the canned food has lost the original taste of brasenia. The fresh brasenia that the ancients ate is authentic. Canned food is just a parody of the umami flavor!

So, when Ah Shu finally had the opportunity to eat fresh branweed, he was disappointed again by the fresh water spirit, “It’s still…like a snot…”

Later, we thought about it, and based on the lives of the big bosses of Amway Brasenia or relegation, exile, or dismissal, we can only make one explanation:

Everyone may not really love Brasenia serrata, but through the story of “I resigned for Brasenia serrata”, to express the feeling of not wanting to go to work after being beaten up in the workplace.

© The Palace Museum

It can be seen that the poem on the tip of the tongue and the distance, the poem will not lie to you, but the distance may–

After all, when I first came into contact with food from far away that I had never eaten or seen before, it was delicious or unpalatable. There was always a 50-50 chance.

However, bypassing this point, Brother Bao soon found new pleasures in the ancient poems.

Once, I read a poem and wrote it very greedy:

For a few years, I have learned too much from Confucianism.

The son Peng Sheng has red flesh, and the general iron rod has white lotus skin.

Fang Xin Zheng can be worthy of patience, so rough and rugged than a jug.

Always chewing, salivating and chatting to comfort the slaves.

Look at the title of the poem: “Ban Tou”. The author is Yue Ke, a native of Jiangxi in the Southern Song Dynasty, and the grandson of Yue Fei-probably because his grandfather is from Henan and his memory of pasta has been carved into his DNA.

With the feeling in this poem, buy another hot steamed bun and open it. It is best to put a piece of braised pork with oil, and eating a steamed bun will instantly have the ancient meaning of immortality.

© Xuchang Food Guide

After reading Su Shi’s “Poems of Cold Equipment”, hurry up and buy a pack of 馓子:

The delicate hands are rubbed into jade and the jade is deep-fried.

Ye Lai Chun sleeps no matter how serious it is, squeezing the beautiful lady’s armband gold.

Next, when a snack is generally chewed, the strong aroma of fried noodles and sesame seeds is contained in the golden thread, and I understand the meaning of “arm gold”-I used to eat pancakes as soon as they were rolled. , I really live up to this contrast.

© Chen Aigou

Look at Bai Juyi’s shopping, and his gluttonous appearance when he saw flax cakes:

The flax cakes are like Kyoto, and the noodles are crispy and oily.

Send to Ambassador Yang, who is hungry and hungry.

Some people say that the closest thing to the Tang Dynasty flax cake in terms of shape and form today is the naan—-At this moment, I suddenly felt that the Lanzhou soup cakes downstairs selling naan, ah no, the Lanzhou ramen shop also became poetic.

© “Flavour World”

At this time, the beauty in the poem has no distance.

It turns out that the ordinary food around you can also be alive and fragrant because of a poem.

From then on, Brother Feng is no longer just looking at the poems, he is greedy for food that has never been seen in the distance. With poetry, any taste on the table can show your best side, allowing you to discover it again in your daily life.

Even if you have eaten it three thousand times.

Originally, when we coveted an ancient poem, we didn’t smell or taste anything, but were moved by the temptation of the vivid words at a distance of eighty thousand miles and five thousand years away. ——

At this moment, the greatest thing is not the food, but the poem itself.

© “The Legend of the Demon Cat”

The short and long words and sentences of five or seven words, with the deliciousness of the back of the paper, declares their preciousness as the essence of Chinese. At the same time, they also convey the meaning that only Chinese characters can express:

Those who create delicious, appreciate delicious, describe beautyThe tasteful Chinese are the greatest!

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