Problem description: My dad is now being treated in our county hospital. Due to limited equipment, it has been observed for 4 days. There is no result. It started as a pleural effusion, and now it has been pumped out. A CT scan said that the left lung had air. Therefore, the lungs are not fully opened, and the air is exhausted. There is still no tumor, no tumor, how should carcinoembryonic antigen 49.01 be treated now? Have you ever gone to the hospital for treatment: I have been, Neihuang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Pulmonary Department< br />Question date:2020-11-04
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Question analysis: Hello there! I am very happy to answer you. The question you asked is whether this condition has lung cancer at the age of 54? What’s next?
Guidelines: This situation cannot be diagnosed as lung cancer hastily. It is recommended to do a chest CT examination. Conditions to do lung biopsy. No diagnosis can be made without pathological diagnosis. I wish health and happiness!
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