Problem description: The upper right thigh hurts for more than 20 days, it hurts more when walking, and it hurts more obviously when lying down. After lying for half an hour, the pain can be lighter, and it hurts for a long time when squatting. It’s great. The local hospital prescribed 尪bi tablets, congestion arthritis, and aceclofenac sustained-release tablets for a week, but I didn’t get much strength for a week. I bake it at home and put plasters on my own every day.
The date of the problem:2020-11-04
Patient information:Age: 40 years old, Gender: Female
Problem analysis: In this case, it is recommended that the patient take a check. Because the use of medicines still cannot solve the fundamental problem.
Guide and suggestion: The situation should first rule out whether the patient has lateral osteoneuritis, which often requires the use of drugs that nourish nerves.
Recommendations are for reference only. If the problem is serious, please go to the hospital for detailed inspection