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The cause of “Persuading Ma Sichun to Divide” seems to have failed, which makes the people who eat melons somewhat annoyed, and they hate iron but not steel.

Since the love affair between Ma Sichun and Zhang Zhexuan was exposed, fans from pony horses to ordinary netizens have rushed to the front line of persuasion. Emotional bloggers analyzed the inappropriateness of Ma Zhang from countless angles; fans insisted on private messaging to pony to persuade him to recognize reality and stay away from scumbags as soon as possible; even some enthusiasts started “Ma Sichun scored?” The mood is extremely urgent.

Zhang Zexuan, the veteran driver of the rolling circle, is covered in black material, no matter how hard he looks, he is not worthy of the actress Ma Sichun. This is the grand occasion of collective opposition to this marriage. On the other hand, “persuade to divide but not to persuade peace” has become the mainstream voice of the Internet, which is only fully demonstrated in the love affair of female stars.  

In recent years, everyone is “independent male” and “independent female”, and social costs have also increased significantly. It is becoming more and more difficult for people to get in touch with each other, and they have to be fearful, fool around, and withdraw from the Internet anytime and anywhere. How can you just get along with each other day and night like falling in love and dig into the garbage?  

Ordinary netizens are passionate about persuading points, and most of them still don’t see others suffer. Seeing the evil deeds of the scumbags and the miserable masters, his blood surged. In the eyes of emotional bloggers, persuading points is a good business, and Qian Jing is even better than love training. When to divide, how to divide, and how to deal with the aftermath, every step has a lot of ways to make money behind it.

The persuasion team is getting stronger and stronger, and the emotional penetration is getting stronger. The one who can defeat the emotional leader Ayawawa may be to persuade the blogger.

Brothers and sisters, run away

There is nothing new under the sun, and the Internet has a long history of persuading points. Different from persuading peace and not persuading division in real life, netizens have always persuaded division but not peace. Organized and programmatic persuasion is the key to the maturity of persuasion.

At the end of 2018, the well-known Douban Persuasion team landed. This spiritual home is built for the victims of love and is dedicated to the group members to share their love affairs and find solutions to their problems through exchanges. And the soul introduction of “Do you not break up and keep the New Year?!” is the standard answer given by the team members.

In the early days of the persuasion group’s establishment, the number of people grew extremely slowly, and there were only a handful of posters. Occasionally, some cases of higher popularity are still carried from Weibo and Shudong. Over the past year, none of the team members have broken through 10,000, and the development momentum is far inferior to the pull group and the Kazakhstan group.

Until the outbreak of the epidemic in 2020, the persuasion group ushered in an unexpected spring. The new lifestyle of squatting at home is good for e-commerce, online entertainment and breakups. Live broadcasts, games, and online social networking flourished unprecedentedly during the epidemic. Couples who were lonely and forced to go away during long vacations gradually developed a strong sense of anxiety and distrust.

During this period, more than 100,000 netizens poured into groups to persuade them to share their inner pain and the idea of ​​breaking up. Looking through the group’s hot posts, you will also find that long-distance relationships are the most common reason for couples to break up. Once the distance between the two of them becomes farther, they are prone to cold violence, cheating, and mutual suspicion, and it becomes extremely difficult to maintain the relationship.

To this day, the emotional crisis brought about by the epidemic has not been lifted. Netizens who broke off orders through online social networking during the epidemic are now troubled by “the online dating partner is Sea King” and “cloud blind dates are deceived.” Soon, these true stories were transferred to Zhihu, Weibo, and public accounts, attracting more people to watch and discuss. There are more sad people, so the persuasion group will also have a name.

At present, the Douban Advocate Group has several major sections: undivided, divided, complaint area, and love discussion, and has more than 300,000 “breakup masters.” Everyone no longer waits for specific problems to post and exchanges, but takes the initiative to examine their relationship. They eliminate the hidden emotional minefields in time to reduce sunk costs and avoid the pain of breaking up in the future.

On the whole, the persuasion group members are mainly women. Since last year, the gender contradiction on the Internet has intensified, and the feminist movement has been on the rise. Many girls have begun to rethink their personal values ​​and gender relations. This has also become an important reason for the skyrocketing group business.

The romantic relationship that once seemed normal suddenly becomes questionable and even unbearable. In persuading grouping, surname rights, reproductive rights, and gender concepts have gradually replaced stingy, intermittent loss of contact, and refusal to show affection, which have become popular reasons for breaking up. All of a sudden, “big night because of the division of women’s rights”, “because of Yang Li’s breakup”, “after the awakening of feminist consciousness, how to not discuss boyfriends” and other hot posts appeared endlessly.

In short, every time a feminist battle breaks out on Weibo, persuading groups will usher in a group of psychologically broken girls. After Ding Zhen became popular, Mr. Hard Candy often posted spit-messages like “I got crazy with my boyfriend because Ding Zhen”. The comment area is full of “Everyone has a girlfriend”, “Sour smell overflows the screen”, “There is a problem, please come to the host.” Run” and other admonitions.

In the long-term persuasion practice, the team members also summarized the “Guide to Fraud Marriage Prevention”, “Persuasion Self-study Strategy”, “Neptunus Appreciation and Prey Protection” and other essential posts for self-examination and self-examination by netizens. In order to awaken the dreamer, the people who rushed to the front line persuaded the party to divide, summed up a lot of venomous golden sentences and emoticons,It’s really shocking.

In addition to the Douban group, Weibo, Xiaohongshu, and Zhihu are also scattered with the Persuader Alliance, and the scene is equally exciting. Lian Zong is not up to date, and is still photographing old routines such as mother-in-law and parent-child. Just copy some homework and be a master of breaking up files, I’m afraid it will burst early.

Emotional bloggers, take the persuasive dividends

But in all fairness, the advice to persuade grouping is simple and rude, and it is not easy to implement. We often see that in the [Not yet divided] section, the word “Fen” covers hundreds of floors, and the parties are still in a dilemma.

Understandable. The poster tends to give information that is beneficial to him, and it is difficult to solve the root cause of the problem. However, unfamiliar netizens often only give execution instructions, lacking a complete and comprehensive analysis, and it is difficult to convince people. People who are decisive and decisive do not need to refer to the outside world. Only those men and women who are indecisive, want to turn to “persuasion and counseling.”

At this time, “professionals” such as emotional bloggers are needed. They will output the theoretical system more systematically, share strategies tailored to the specific problems of users, and have stronger dissemination and practicality. In the past two years, a large number of emotional accounts have emerged in the field of live broadcast and short video, which specifically guide fans to see the true face of intimacy, and then determine the rhythm and direction of emotional development.

These bloggers are basically taking the pan-emotional route. When love training is all the rage, they share tips and social guides. As the emotional big-names such as Sister Baby, Mi Meng, and Ma Xiaoting succumbed to changes in the Internet public opinion environment and creative trends, they hurriedly followed the trend and became masters of breaking up.

In Douyin, Ye Gongzi, A Cup of American Style, and I Li Yangyang, etc., use simple copywriting and plots to focus on the characteristics of scumbags and scumbags, so as to achieve the effect of persuading people to be cautious in love. Couples who are still entangled with their ex must find it difficult to live away from the high praise that “boys’ enthusiasm is always reserved for the most loved ones”.

The emotional bloggers in the short video circle are still entertaining, and their professionalism needs to be improved. It’s Mu Zimei, the first generation of Internet celebrities in China and a public sex diary. (Mu Zimei’s most famous one-night stand is also described in detail with rock musicians, isn’t it a coincidence!) , relying on persuading points and leaving, answering questions and answering questions, has turned around in a low-key manner, and has gained a large number of sincere fans who have gained popularity and money.

In 2019, Mu Zimei, who had been killing countless men in the first half of her life, touched everyone’s heart, and was placed by the driver honestly in “Yanjiao Jue Lian”. After torturing in the air, exploding private affairs, and tossing in court for several rounds, the transparency and decentness of a generation of bold and unrestrained women were shattered, and the Weibo account was also blown up.

Hard Candy Jun also thought that Mu Zimei would be silent. Who knows that Mu Zimei, who was hurt and was forced to leave Weibo, not only did not have the cold, but also made emotional consultation on the public account. There, no one cared about Teacher Mu’s male beheading skills, but many readers asked him for advice on how to break up.

Mu Zimei also likes to persuade her to divide. She will first teach fans to see the reality and self clearly, dig out the real psychological needs, and then calmly calculate the gains and losses, and evacuate from the chicken feathers. Accompanied by golden sentences such as “stalker lacks love”, “is it love or depends”, “breaking up is not more difficult than jailbreaking”, Mu Zimei analyzed the pathological relationship over and over again and guided the parties to make more comfortable choices.

Now it seems that Yanjiao Jue Lian is not a defeat, but has become a stepping stone for Teacher Mu’s transformation. She loved, she was crazy, but she came back to life again. With these failures and experience, Mr. Mu said that “every love for consultation and trouble is asking for more blessings. Whoever stands up first will come out first.” The chicken soup is a little more credible.

Unfortunately, Mu Zimei has two fists and four hands. The scope of the sermon is limited, and it is difficult to make a brand in a short time. It is still the biggest cake that broke up with the organization.

“We are doing persuasion class”

In places like Douban Persuade Grouping, the posters are basicallyOrdinary young netizens. They generally only have an emotional relationship with their romantic partner. They rarely have economic disputes. At most, they are entangled in whether to get back the Apple mobile phones and trendy shoes they sent. The relationship is simple, and there is no room for emotional counselors to play.  

However, as the group went out of the circle to expand enrollment, divorce was also included in the issue of breakup, gradually involving interest issues. Nowadays, searching for “divorce” on the site will pop up many hot posts asking about evidence collection and property division. Sensitive emotional institutions have also discovered this treasure, and have already lurked into the group to advertise, trying to accurately convert customers.

The emotional training institution established by (pseudonym) Xiliu has set up special divorce training courses. However, these contents are mainly for middle-aged groups, teaching them to assess relationship risk and repair possibilities. Among them, the derailment negotiation focuses on relationship definition, negotiation skills, and actual analysis to help users fight for legitimate rights and interests as much as possible. This course has now accepted more than 600 students, with an estimated income of more than 2 million.

Xiliu has always felt that middle-class housewives make the best money, and they simply don’t look down on the three young people. However, nowadays, young people’s demand for persuasion has increased sharply, and her business philosophy has also begun to loosen, trying to use this as a long-term service.

In the view of Xiliu, persuading points is actually a dynamic process, and every link has an opportunity to realize it. The persuasion course being developed by his team covers core content such as break-up negotiation, psychological healing, and self-reconstruction. The final price is as high as RMB 6,888 per person.

According to Xiliu, this course has a systematic and scientific theoretical system, and it has been successfully implemented in specific cases. Last year, the daughter of an old customer in Jiangsu suffered from PUA. No matter how her elders explained and interfered, she was brainwashed and she was reluctant to look back and sink deeper and deeper. Xiliu was commissioned to carry out psychological counseling for the girls for nearly half a year before she got rid of the mental control of the scumbag and resumed normal life.

“I have received a lot of similar consultations. After being deceived, I can’t get out on my own and can only receive psychological treatment. According to my 2,000 yuan/smallCalculating the service fee at the time, the course of more than 6,000 yuan is too cost-effective. “Xiliu is very optimistic about the development of the persuasive market.

Some people have broken up business abroad. As long as you pay, the professional breakup division will propose the breakup on your behalf. Related companies have even launched packages, gift boxes, annual subscription services, etc., and select solutions based on the degree of contradiction between couples.

The netizens who are persuading the group to post back and forth, urgently need to buy a yellow card package to give the target a rectification warning. Straight men and straight women can finally get rid of the troubles of communication and can entrust “agents” to negotiate and achieve efficient relationship management. It sounds strange and reliable, if it can be combined with blind dates and marriages, a proper business closed loop.

However, Xiliu told Hard Candy that the only profitable part of the emotional training courses for the rich is the service for the rich, such as the development of celebrities and wealthy marriages. Similarly, if you want to seek long-term development, you have to rely on this group of funders. According to her plan, after persuading the sub-courses to pass the internal review, she will focus on finding new customers from the celebrity circle.

Suddenly remembered the high school puppy love, Hard Candy Jun’s mother didn’t directly persuade her, she just complained about “poor eyesight”. Before he knew it, Hard Candy became blindly confident, and he is single to this day. Once career counsellors emerge, her elderly may be able to usher in the second spring of her career.

This article is from WeChat official account:Entertainment hard candy (ID: yuleyingtang) , author: Liu soil