Problem description: I said that my gallbladder was full during the color Doppler ultrasound examination, but I did not understand the meaning. Is full gallbladder cholecystitis?
Question date:2020-10-20
Patient information: Age: 32 Gender: Male
Full gallbladder does not necessarily mean gallbladder inflammation.
If you want to confirm whether it is cholecystitis, you can directly diagnose it by color Doppler ultrasound. Once the cholecystitis is diagnosed, you can promptly treat it with surgery or medication. Moreover, the symptoms of cholecystitis are very obvious, which can cause loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting, high fever, etc., and timely symptomatic treatment is needed in the early stage.
After the occurrence of gallbladder disease, you must go to the hospital for a comprehensive examination as soon as possible. If you have cholecystitis after the examination, you must be treated in time.
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