Problem description: After I got cholecystitis, I have been trying to cure the disease. I want to know how long it will take for cholecystitis to heal
Date of problem:2020 -10-20
Patient information: Age: 32 Gender: Male
How long does it take for cholecystitis to recover from the severity of the disease?
Cholecystitis has fever and vomiting at the initial stage of onset. The symptoms of cholecystitis are very similar to the symptoms of gastric disease. It is necessary to choose drug treatment in time. Generally, it can be relieved well in about 7 days, but it is more serious. At that time, it needs to be treated by surgery. Pay attention to the disease during the treatment, and do not eat spicy food.
During the treatment of cholecystitis, you should not be overworked or eat irritating foods. It is necessary to ensure a combination of work and rest.
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