Problem description: After I got cholecystitis, I would like to cure the disease as soon as possible. I want to know what are the harms of surgery for cholecystitis?
Question date:2020-10-20
Patient information:Age: 43 Sex: Male
Be yourself after cholecystitis surgery Nursing, the harm is relatively small.
If cholecystitis is very serious, you need to undergo surgery for treatment. Before surgery, you should choose a regular hospital and an experienced doctor. After surgery, you should take a rest and don’t give yourself too much psychology. Stress, maintenance requires a long period of time to work after treatment, and can only eat liquid and semi-liquid food for two weeks after the operation.
During the treatment of cholecystitis, you must actively cooperate with your doctor. There are different treatments for different conditions, and you should take care of yourself at ordinary times and do not eat too greasy food.
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