Problem description: I have cholecystitis, but I always feel the appendix pain in the past two days. I want to know if cholecystitis will cause appendicitis?
Date of problem:2020-10-20
Patient information: Age: 32 Sex: Male
Cholecystitis does not necessarily cause appendicitis.
Cholecystitis and appendicitis are two completely different diseases. There are certain differences in the location of the disease and the mechanism of the disease. Most patients with cholecystitis have cholelithiasis, and most patients with appendicitis are in the time division card. Appendicitis and cholecystitis should be treated specifically for appendicitis caused by edema of the appendix cavity in the middle of the appendix.
Cholecystitis must be treated in time during the treatment period, pay attention to a light diet, and do not eat fried eggs.
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