If you learn how to run your own company and become bigger and stronger, then you should look at

because you are exposed to a large number of high-quality startups every day at work, and I often come up with the idea: At the moment when information is flowing at a high speed, everyone is self-organizing, and “self-media”, you should consider your own growth as a business, that is, treat me as a startup company, only In this way, it is possible to obtain growth and benefits that meet the needs of this era.

Everyone is born to be an entrepreneur. Of course, this does not mean that you should open a company. The opposite is true. Only a small number of people are suitable to create a company, and the chances of success are still very slim. But this does not prevent you from thinking in the minds of entrepreneurs. Because, whether you are a newcomer who has not yet entered the workplace, or a veteran who is already in the workplace, you have at least one evolving “career” – your career, you are willing to take certain risks, and look forward to passing Investing in human, material, financial, and time to get more cash returns and other benefits.

In fact, Reid Hoffman, founder of LinkdedIn, the world’s largest social networking site, has a similar view and has written a book, Critical Relationships. The English name of this book is: THE START-UP OF YOU. The name and subtitle of the book are translated literally. “You are a startup: how to adapt to the future, invest in yourself and change your career.”

This kind of thinking is not uncommon at present. We have seen that many junior high school students have started to register their own WeChat public accounts and operate themselves like a company.

If you think about life in this way of thinking, the next question must be: In this “Red Sea” market (after all, at least to compete with 1.4 billion companies across the country), how can I run this company? What about big companies?

Based on my observations at work, at the moment when information, transactions, and material circulation speeds are super fast, truly big companies have one characteristic: high growth rate, and even super high growth rate.

I think of Paul Graham, another founder of LinkedIn, previouslyproposed Over A similar point of view, he believes that entrepreneurship is equal to growth – Startup = Growth.

In China, about 20,000 companies are registered in the new business every day, but onlyA small number of them eventually became big companies. Most of these companies, , are service businesses—restaurants, barbershops, etc., which cannot be called startups except very rare cases. This is because most individual barbershops and restaurants do not have the characteristics and potential for rapid growth.

But obviously a search engine company, an e-commerce company, or a corporate service company is likely to be. Because the business (products, services) it provides is what most people want, and the products or services they provide cover all of them and serve them, which makes these companies from the start With DNA that is completely different from other businesses, it has the basic potential for rapid growth.

So, how fast can a company grow to be a good startup? Paul Graham said that at Y Combinator, they measure the growth rate of the startups they hatch every week. Usually a better rate is a 5-7% increase per week, if it reaches 10 per week. %, then what you have done is already very good.

You can see the picture below:

Looking at your growth as a startup, high growth is the most important data indicator | Recruitment

The picture shows that the reason is obvious. If a company’s weekly growth rate is 1%, then its annual growth rate is 170%; and when its weekly growth rate is 5%, its one year. The growth rate is 1260%.

Would you convert this data into your “personal revenue”? If you run this company, the initial income is 1 yuan per month, and after 5 years, there will be a world of difference at different growth rates.

So, the question is, what elements do you need to grow at a high speed?

I think first of all, he has to have a platform that is big enough to play. The resource coverage of this platform can provide him with very sufficient nutrients. As long as he wants to absorb nutrients, he can get it through this platform. This is why people who want to be product managers will want to go to Tencent, and those who want to pay attention to and even participate in Internet entrepreneurship are the best choice. This platform needs to have sufficient breadth and scalability.

Second, personal learning ability and curiosity are strong. As a good CEO, the quality you need is to constantly correct your business plan based on market feedback and change your strategy and direction.Especially in the early days of the company, this is even more inevitable. To achieve this, super curiosity and learning ability are essential.

Again, there must be courage, determination and ability to solve problems. Theorists only explain the problem in different ways, and the problem is to solve the problem. No money, no one, no resources is the norm of a startup company. There are competitions and problems are the constants of startup companies. Only in the case of “one poor and two white” can solve the problem and find an efficient solution, the startup can win in the competition. These problems may not be general problems, which requires courage, determination and ability to solve problems, and of course the necessary intelligence and wisdom.

Okay, I have said so much, I have to advertise seriously.

If you think you really want to run a startup to run your own business, want to learn like a real entrepreneur, learn how to run your own company, and grow bigger and stronger, then you should look at it.

If you feel that you are a person with strong learning ability, strong problem-solving ability, and great room for growth, then you should be well suited to the editorial department’s future company group.

As the earliest established department, we also simply and intuitively counted the “growth rate” of colleagues in this department. In general, they will:

  • Understand the foreign and domestic industry pattern within half a month, what are the listed giant companies, which start-up companies, their respective shares, and their respective ideas.

  • In three months, I have seen entrepreneurs of all the excellent start-up companies in the fields he covers, through chat and communication to understand their ideas, how do they think about the whole industry, how do they think about themselves? The direction of entrepreneurship.

  • In , within six months, he needs to be able to master some of the industry resources, and he can find new and excellent start-up companies and entrepreneurs to find companies with investment value and industrial fake seeds. And try to achieve relevant business decision transformation.

  • In nine months, you can understand the different needs of entrepreneurs at different stages, understand what they are thinking, provide help, advice, and even think about doing all of their resources. What really provides value to entrepreneurs.

  • A year later… Maybe his growth is beyond the imagination of you and everyone… So, now you will see the former colleagues of the future company group in various well-known investment institutions, in many Well-known companies see executives and middle-levels in the future corporate group background. You may not know that the future company group has also developed a number of products that are already serving readers, investment institutions, entrepreneurs, and have generated satisfactory business benefits.

So if we recruit the author now, we will also have the expectation that he has such a growth rate.

To attract truly outstanding “life entrepreneurs” to join us or become our partners, we also need to provide sincere and persuasive cooperation value. I think what you can provide to you is:

  • A very resourceful platform. Here you have a high degree of freedom to explore the Internet world, from virtual reality to logistics digitalization. Excellent entrepreneurs or investors at home and abroad, as long as you have the power, you can directly communicate with them.

  • A chance for rapid development. The new economy is still in the initial stage of development. In the future, it will account for a much larger proportion than the present, and a large number of them will be created by new startups that have not yet been born. Will grow up with these new companies, you will grow up with you.

  • A great career. Focusing on entrepreneurship and investment, we hope to help entrepreneurs, investors and practitioners in this industry. Let us see the future first, we will expand the boundaries infinitely, we will really hope and help the entrepreneurial environment become better. .

We now need to focus on analysts and colleagues in these areas:

  • To C Directional Analyst: Full Time | Beijing

  • Education Industry Analyst: Full Time, Internship or Part Time | Beijing

  • Technology Directions Analyst: Full-time, Internship or Part-time | Beijing | Science and Engineering related majors

  • Medical Health Directions Analyst: Full-time, internship or part-time | Beijing or remote | Medical, biological and other related professional backgrounds

  • Internship Analyst for Logistics and Supply Chain: Internship or Part-time | Beijing | Work at least 30 hours a week

  • Car Direction Intern Analyst: Internship or Part Time | Beijing or Remote

  • Industrial direction intern analyst: Internship or part-time | Beijing or remote | Science and engineering related professional points, related industry experience plus points

  • Technology Direction Internship Editor: Internship or Part Time | Beijing or Remote

  • Media Innovation Products and Business Product Manager:Full time, internship or part time | Beijing

  • Entrepreneurship Relationship Development and Maintenance Internship Manager: Internship or Part-time | Beijing

Specific job requirements:

1. I hope to study and stay for a long time;
2. I agree, but not pure fans, have ideas and abilities to improve together;
3. Have good listening and communication skills, have certain Text organization ability;
4. It is interested in entrepreneurship and investment, and has certain cognition and judgment on the industry;
5. Have long-term active learning habits and rapid learning ability, can think independently, wish In-depth research;

6. Interns: 3 working days or more per week; part-time positions: 20 hours or more per week.

If you are interested in the above positions, please feel free to submit your resume (email: syq@36kr.com, wenhuadong@36kr.com), email title Indicated “Future company group application”).

If you have a suitable candidate around you, please feel free to recommend it to us (email: syq@36kr.com, wenhuadong@36kr.com). Once you are hired, we will present a commemorative gift (candidate entry January) Not resigned).