The most important ability of new media recruitment is search.

Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Netease H5” (ID: wangyih5), the author of the banana fifteen.

“I will give the interviewer three hours to find information about me online.”

“I have been more cautious about exposing personal information. But after writing for seven or eight years on the Internet, there are inevitably some fragmented Internet traces. If he can find information that I don’t want to reveal, that means this person It’s quite amazing.”

This is the original words in the interview with the founder of the self-media account “Xiaosheng Bibi”, which is popular with the sharp and high-yield 10w+. In fact, many large companies, including Netease, have an examination of search capabilities in the written test questions of new media posts.

The clever woman is hard to be without rice. The article will have a sense of exclusiveness only if you find material that others can’t find. Just rely on the usual materials of “Baidu, you know”, even if the writing is good, the things written will be hollow and homogenized.

But it’s not enough to find information.

Next, we will introduce this ability that is very important in the workplace, and may subvert your perception of “searching for business”. But please believe that this article is very useful, not a soft text, please read it.

01, Can I find information that I can use?

Looking at the brain to read the information

We often see advertisements like this: “On the xx website, I can buy ten rolls of paper for 1 yuan, which is simply too cheap!”

A little bit of common sense people know that the credibility of this kind of advertising is not high. In an ordinary store, 1 yuan does not say 10 rolls of paper, and one roll may not be bought. The result is being cheated.

I don't want this trick, don't think about doing new media monthly 3W

For new media people, this may be too pediatric. But the same nature of content is not necessarily at work.

On the July list of the official Weibo section of the Weibo, there is a rumor that “the fallen horse official killed 3,600 pigs in 8 years”.

On average, 450 pigs are killed a year. If the news is true, then the leader who killed the pig can be said to be more dedicated than the butcher.However, there are some new media accounts that are turning this fake news, and they are also equipped with the words of stepping on corrupt officials. They have fled a lot of netizens and the topic has once been on the hot search.

It’s also ridiculous about the “Hangzhou City Dog Killing Event” last summer. But when you think about it with your head, can the armed police officers and soldiers not take the gun into the city to kill the dog? A composing personal microblog, which led to a star turn, a big V turn, is like a real thing, and some new media numbers are also written.

Before thinking and judging, blindly go to the fake news that has not been verified but attracts the attention of the eye, not to mention the face, and the danger of being blocked.

Discriminate authenticity from source

In addition to this rumor, some seemingly “pseudo-official” push content will also make people thunder.

Some accounts are bearing the name of “xx News” and “xx Finance”. The subcutaneous is the individual subject. The speeches published are not authentic and authoritative. They just do some “pseudo-speech” with the ball.

If you use the information that is difficult to verify from these sources as a material, it is really a mistake.

Some accounts are in the name of “non-fiction writing”. They are used to “I have a friend” to start the story of the readers, and even to eat the bloody head.

This kind of writing seems to be able to harvest a lot of traffic, and in fact has already “sent” many of the top 500 new accounts.

“Opening a picture, behind the whole”, the information on the social platform is mixed and miscellaneous. The title party player is purely using visual impact to capture the user’s eye and defraud the traffic, so it is difficult to guarantee the truth.

The content of some entertainment and emotional numbers will be subjective, and the facts after many interpretations cannot be used as a reference.

But if it is a professional account such as “” and “News Lab”, it is another matter.

The literacy and tonality of the media is the basis for judging the search for information. The more authoritative official media accounts follow the principle of authenticity of news, the source of the content of the dissemination is reliable, the events are traceable, and the insurance is relatively safe when quoted.

Multi-channel cross-validation

The articles on the Internet are generally second-hand materials, and the authenticity needs to be verified. Cross-search verification is a good way to avoid using fake material.

When you want to quote a case or opinion in an article, if there is a source tag at the bottom of the article, you should take another step to investigate whether the case or opinion is true and reliable, and whether it is out of context.

You can also search for keywords by multiple channels and find other references for reference.

For some images that cannot be judged, you can use the search engine’s “search by map” function to upload the found image, find its source and other reference methods, and ensure that it has not been modified at will.

Avoiding search risk

Finding the right material doesn’t mean you can use it..

The public number “Wan Xiaodao” mentioned in the article “Because 18 readings, I was claimed by the “Black Cat Sheriff” 100,000…”, former colleagues used their own public number to reprint an article, ” The black cat sheriff’s picture was allegedly infringed and was claimed by the Shanghai Fine Arts Film Studio for 100,000.

Self-media copyright issues have been difficult to deal with, even articles that reprint other accounts may be “in the middle of the move.”

Black Cat Sheriff, Huluwa, Ge You and other pictures have copyright indictment. It is important to keep an eye on industry trends and record infringement information.

“There is the picture itself not to insult the celebrity.” Teacher Quan Quan mentioned that, for example, there is a expression pack of a monkey that looks like Yang Mi. Although it is funny, but it cannot be used, there is a risk of being sued.

At the end of the day, the use of reliable sources and reference-safe materials is a guarantee for the security of new media accounts, and is a top priority for search.

Although the Internet is relatively free, it is still necessary to exercise its rights within a reasonable range to avoid irreversible effects.

02, “learn” search

It’s just that you know a few resource sites that don’t have a search.

We articles ” new media people must: you have to know the 18 models of hot chase tool” , ” operations necessary 14 Search Tool: 20% of “Every effort to catch up with 80% of people” shared tools for specific searches.

But some friends have the tools but not use, or after the collection has never been opened, can not be described as a “learned” of the search.

It’s obviously more useful to teach you the general method of searching than to recommend a few specific websites.

Search engine secrets

Search engines are the first stop for a comprehensive search.

Google, Baidu, Sogou, 360, UC (Shenma Search) and other platforms provide the same service, but the resources that can be searched for the same keyword are different.

The more uncomfortable thing is that you use the same search engine, but you can’t find it if others can find it. This involves the problem of search skills.

1_Symbolic Skills

Double quotes: keyword matching

Enter keywords directly when searching for information on search engines. The information you find is miscellaneous and easy to separate. Add “” double quotes to the searched information. The information retrieved in this way will not be split.

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Addition and subtraction: increase or decrease information circled range

Use the “-” symbol in the search bar to cut down irrelevant information and narrow your search; use the “+” symbol to expand the scope of your query.

I don't want this trick, don't want to do new media monthly 3W

Divider: Parallel Search Information

If you want to search for two keywords at the same time, but the keywords are not consistent, you can use “丨” to separate and accurately search for content with both.

I don't want this trick, don't want to do new media monthly 3W

Add prefix: qualified title search

Direct searches will match entries with relevant information in the text, which is not efficient. The title is the summary of the content. If you want to search for the qualified keyword in the title of the page, you can directly enter the title keyword by entering the “intitle:” prefix before the information to be retrieved.

I don't want this trick, don't think about doing new media monthly 3W

2_Replace keywords

The Creative Department often draws mind maps when planning meetings. Starting from a given theme, write down all the ideas, ideas, and concepts that are associated with it, including shapes, colors, feelings, sounds, and so on. When all are written down, these keywords form a network, and each node can be recombined to create new elements.

The same is true when searching. If you only search for a keyword, you will get a limited amount of information. So in order to improve efficiency, you can replace the keywords and search for the synonym associated with them.

3_扒Source continuous search

A few well-documented articles will be followed by references, some journals, and some academic papers.

The references are directly related to the topic we are looking for and can be searched separately. The references at the bottom of these references are then searched out. Such layer search can greatly improve the quantity and quality of information.

We write When “China’s first net red” is not papi sauce, YouTube or the next battlefield, the information about the office Ono is excavated from the most basic Sogou.

Maybe you think that Sogou Encyclopedia is too perfunctory, right?

But the focus is on the source of the references below, and I have found a lot of information on this. Searching the office Ono from the platforms of these sources, and getting other relevant information.

This way, the data source is much wider, and you can find a lot of information that search engines can’t find.

Universal URL Navigation

Under the search engine, it is most efficient to find the professional website of the counterpart. Where can I find these professional websites?

I don't want this trick, don't want to do new media monthly 3W

Direct search “industry + site navigation”, there will be a large number of professional website recommended.

I don't want this trick, don't want to do new media monthly 3W

Financial Report Web site navigation

< /p>

Design Resource URL Navigation

I don't want this trick, don't want to do new media monthly 3W

Professional Academic Website Navigation

To ensure search efficiency, the website can of course not be greedy. At the same time of searching the website navigation, the search engine will also provide some inductive articles from the media platform, such as knowing, simple books, etc., and can refer to the peers’ use experience for website selection.

After verifying that the site is easily available, you can bookmark your own memo and mark what information the site finds available.

Create your own personalized “URL navigation” and continually optimize, add valuable and efficient websites at any time, and clean up the websites that can be replaced in time, which can save a lot of time in the future work.

Learn to use the URL to navigate, you no longer have to ask someone else what website can find resources.

Academic Search

Academic search is definitely worth mentioning separately.

翟天临不知道知知网 (CNKI) is awkward things, and it is still a slap in the face. It’s really shameful to have never attended an academic website before going to college…

In other search channels, we can find at most some basic surveys and interview reports. On the academic website, we can find the first-hand scientific materials developed by industry experts.

The weight of this authoritative material can be said to be hanged compared to the ordinary report. The use of academic materials in new media articles, as well as the use of street-side tabloids as a source of peers, can be described as a downsizing.

The majority of domestic academic websites have download thresholds, which is very inconvenient. But we have to believe that laziness is the primary productive force. How can this kind of resource that contributes to all mankind be impossible to come up with?

The all-round literature resource download tool SCI-HUB is a tool created by Russian cattle people to download any literature magazine. Just enter the literature title and you can get the real address and browse online. Of course, you can download it.

I don't want this trick, don't think about doing new media monthly 3W

Mobile Search

In the era of mobile Internet, search is not limited to PC websites.

If we say that on the PC side, we search for more PGC resources that are not time-sensitive, then on the mobile phone, we can find more immediate UGC resources.

There are UGC resources in places where you have social. As long as you want to search, WeChat, Weibo, Zhihuo, Xiaohongshu, Tigers, Instant, Netease Cloud Music, and even Taobao’s commentary area are treasures.

The form of data search is not limited to graphic materials. Video and audio are exclusive sources of content.

For example, on the B station, you can find a lot of creative advertising cases and inventory videos. Tencent videos can be searched for original interviews including Xue Zhaofeng’s interviews. These are exclusive resources that can’t be found in other channels.

So, just download some apps.

03, accumulation is also a kind of search business

What is the relationship between search and accumulation? The search that most people think is to search for keywords on the platform to get the results, and this “platform” can contain a lot of things in a broad sense.

For example, your brain.

Reading and reading accumulation

The real search expert, he is a walking search engine.

The Netease team’s explosion of H5 “Commemorating the 20th Anniversary of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”, if it is not because the team happens to have a senior “Ha Fan”, the plot and design of “Harry Potter” It is very familiar and provides relevant knowledge and materials. This H5 may not be a fan of friends.

When I decided to do the topic of “Where is it not red, and the heavens are difficult”, the editor went to make up the movie that night. If you only rely on the second-hand information on the Internet for understanding and writing, there are no impressive details and highlights, and the articles written are hard to resonate with everyone.

High-scoring books and film and television works, the content has been carefully planned and reviewed, and finally published, and in the market to withstand the public. Whether it is content creativity or visibility and value, there is absolute protection.

In addition to movie and TV dramas, high scores and documentaries are also a source of material to accumulate. Watch the video with the purpose of accumulation, record the available materials at any time, and read through them regularly. The most exclusive material library of “Brain” will continue to expand.

Being content is inseparable from knowledge reserves. When people use books, they hate less, and those who read and read a large amount of books are more flexible in mobilizing knowledge and can produce more ideas..

It’s worth noting that only quality works that have been tested by the market are worth seeing. It is just a waste of time to look at the trash.

Account resource accumulation

In society, connections are resources. In the industry, the account of interest is the resource.

The same is to use Weibo, and some people pay attention to thousands of high-quality bloggers, and the information they receive every day is all-encompassing. Some people think that there is no such thing as a star gossip on Weibo. It is boring. The difference here is big.

The account reserve on the new media platform, to a certain extent, represents the boundaries of your information.

In WeChat search, select “Publish by public number of interest” and “Sort by reading” to filter information, you can search efficiently. The high-quality account that has been paid attention to, the content is vertical and the quality of the article is guaranteed. The more quality accounts are concerned, the higher the efficiency of obtaining accurate information.

I don't want this trick, don't want to do new media monthly 3W

So, it is important to focus on the daily accumulation of quality accounts.

Accumulating accounts can be done using the platform mechanism. For example, Weibo can search for topic categories, first pay attention to the size of some fans, and then follow the large-scale accounts for bulk attention.

WeChat can focus on the account through the circle of friends and look at the data, quality and excellent articles, and then look for reposted accounts from these accounts to pay attention. Asking friends and professionals for recommendation is also a very efficient method.

The mainstream new media platform will have third-party data analysis websites, such as new list, watermelon data, Qingbo, etc., there are corresponding account list to see. In this way, you can get a lot of quality account resources.

UGC resource accumulation

The most impressive thing about “small tones” is the sand sculpture emoticon that fits the content of the article. These expressions are unpopular and hilarious, adding a lot to the exclusive sense of the article.

Ask the search method of the expression pack, Teacher Yan Quan said that these expression packs are not searched out, but accumulated in advance.

“Weibo comment area, tiger puff comment area, instant comment area, knowing the ball commentary area, etc., allowing the comment area to send pictures, and the UGC ecological better APP.”

From the ancient commentary area, many talents are from the private sector.

The daily accumulation of materials such as UGC, compared with the material searched for a certain topic, although the current relevance is weak, but as long as it is used later, it is likely to become the crowning touch.

Not a temporary search, other articles writing similar topics are not possibleOn, it is very exclusive.

A person’s thoughts are limited, but the wisdom of netizens is infinite. According to your own content area, you can accumulate high-quality UGC content in daily brushing, and often read the deep impression. When you use it, you can write a different content.


Searching for business actually has everyone. The difference is that some people can find their lame girlfriends according to a friend’s microblogging, but can’t find a resource that is helpful for the work.

Searching is not only about mastering the search method, but also thinking about doing search. Knowing and acting are two different things. It is the performance of high search business to achieve the combination of knowledge and action.

For example, in daily work, when asked about a point in the reporting plan, it is very unprofessional to use a guilty answer like “I seem to be” or “I look at it.” It is the efficient way to do business in the workplace when you do your homework in advance and take responsibility for what you have said.