Problem description: I developed gallstone disease when I went to the hospital for examination. I was worried that it would affect my pregnancy. Is there any effect on gallstone pregnancy?
Date of problem:2020-10-25
Patient information:Age: 24 Gender: Female
Gallstones are generally pregnant influences.
If you have gallstones, it is best not to prepare for pregnancy during the illness, you must go to the hospital for surgical treatment in time, and wait for a full-scale examination to return to a normal state before arranging a normal pregnancy, otherwise it is likely to cause problems to yourself , Even after pregnancy, the fetus will be unhealthy. Patients with gallstones can choose to go to the hospital for minimally invasive surgery.
People who suffer from gallstones must get pregnant after the operation and during a comprehensive physical examination, so that the pregnant women themselves and the adverse conditions after pregnancy are reduced.
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