Problem description: Yesterday I went to the hospital for gallstone surgery. I haven’t had a gas discharge until now. How long does it take to get gas after the gallstone surgery?
Question date:2020-10-25
Patient information:Age: 41 Gender: Female
It takes about 24 after gallstone surgery It can be exhausted in about hours.
After the operation, the exhaustion time can be determined according to the individual’s recovery status. People who choose minimally invasive surgery have less gastrointestinal irritation and may have exhaustion within 24 hours. People who have open surgery may need three Exhaust is only around the sky. After the operation, the crowd must wait until the gas is exhausted before they can eat food normally.
Persons who have persistent non-ventilation after surgery must communicate with their doctors in time. It may be caused by too much gastrointestinal irritation during the operation and the disorder may be caused by the surgeon. Professional doctors can make corrections.
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