Who ate your pie?

Editor’s note: This article from the micro-channel public number “Secretary Matt squad” (ID: lifelaosiji), Author: Secretary Ma Xiaojia.

“Little Li, work hard, the company will not treat you badly.”

“Xiao Wang, you just graduated from university, working overtime and exercising will be good for your growth.”

“Xiao Ming, the company plans to go public. You can take options and work harder.”

Have you heard these words? Is it cooked?

The pie we saw in those years


Do you think that only the boss and the leader will draw the cake for you? No, you have been being drawn from your childhood.

When I was a child, I wanted toys. My mother said I would buy them for you when you grow up; I wanted to play when I was in school, and my teacher said I would have fun when I was admitted to college.

Why do many people become disgusted when they get to the boss?

Because we have grown up, we know what painting is?

Because we are being drawn repeatedly?

Or is it because we actually don’t have the same expectations and passions we had before?

But, I want to say, as a leader, you can’t even paint pie. Can you still believe that he will lead you to wealth freedom?

Why drawing cakes is important


The term picture cake is too Internet-based. We need to have a little connotation and say a cultural term: values.

Each company has its own mission, vision, and values, but I don’t think 80% of people can memorize it, 90% of people can’t figure out the relationship between these three, and 95% of people think this thing is too virtual. It’s useless. The remaining 5% used them well and became bosses and leaders.

When I took a course like “Strategy” for certified public accountants, I talked about these three at the beginning. Unfortunately, I didn’t learn it well, I didn’t take the exam, and I didn’t know how to use it. Otherwise, I won’t be writing an article here, but I have been thinking about this issue to feel the power of these ideas. This article is considered an enlightenment, and I also want to throw some ideas for it.

Let’s first take a look at what these three are talking about. I will quote the explanations in the Note.


There is something we are familiar with: Let the world have no difficult business. It can be simply said that the mission is to show the purpose of the company’s existence.


It can also be said to be a vision, such as Alibaba’s: “Living for 102 years: We do not pursue big or strong, we seek to be a good company that will live for 102 years. By 2036, we will serve 2 billion consumers and create 100 million jobs will help 10 million small and medium-sized enterprises make profits.” The focus is on how to make money, namely: who to serve and what products to provide. This is about the company’s strategy.


For example, Ali’s:

Customers first, employees second, shareholders third;

Simple because of trust;

The only constant is change;

Today’s best performance is tomorrow’s minimum requirement;

It’s me at this moment;

Live seriously and work happily.

This creates the company’s cultural atmosphere.

These are so fictitious. Isn’t the purpose of the company to make money? It’s just that it can’t be written in the mission of making money. Have you ever thought about it?

From the company where we work, earning money is indeed the primary goal, followed by social responsibility. There is nothing wrong with it. How to feed you without earning money and how to fulfill social responsibilities.

The question lies in our attitude towards money. Do you think it is too vulgar to talk about money? Most of it is left behind by historical scholars, such as “don’t bend your waist for five buckets of rice.”

Money is vulgar, but what we do to make money is not vulgar at all and it is very valuable.

Although payment for knowledge has become more popular now, many people still feel thatHow can knowledge be linked to money if the culture of the upright culture is polluted.

The people who provided knowledge before thought so. They felt that they had to pay to read this article as if they were begging. This is also the reason why we pay for knowledge so many years later than in other countries.

I have planted a cabbage and sold it clearly, but this is the result of my labor, so why doesn’t knowledge count?

People of the older generation feel that manual labor is very hard. They often say that you can make money by tapping on the computer in the office. It is so easy. Customers also think so. Workers in my factory work three shifts, 3000 yuan a month, you It’s so expensive just to write code.

We all know that for the same 8 hours, mental work is harder than manual work, after all, the heart is more tiring.

The group owner and I discussed this issue when we decided to open the planet. We want users to pay. It is of course a good thing to earn some extra money. More importantly, we can filter readers and provide free resumes later. , Mock interviews and other services, I only want to give friends who agree with us, after all, we have limited time and energy.

As employees, we must first accept that the company is for making money, and secondly, we must agree with the direction of making money, such as businesses, clinics, and readers. Otherwise, the leader asks you to evaluate the quotation of customized functions, and ask you to consider product pricing and marketing methods. You will feel that I only need to manage the function design. These things have nothing to do with me. Why do I increase my workload? The money earned is not mine, I just pay for this every month.

But a gentleman loves money and takes it in a proper way. This is the balance between purpose and values. For example, before the company did not accept advertisements of Chinese medicine, and not to mention whether it was right or wrong, the boss only agreed with evidence-based medicine. This is his balance point.

It’s the same with us. Someone asks our official account to advertise, but can’t answer it? We first consider whether it meets our positioning and does not affect readers’ reading experience. Our aim is to accompany the growth of B-end product managers.

If I say that in order to make money, we accept all advertisements, but the group owner says that we must be free from vulgarity and not be polluted by business, then the more we go, the more divergent our paths will become. It is not a few that the partners finally parted ways. This is not a problem that money can solve, but this is the power of values. In fact, marriage is the same. The three views are not in harmony. How can you expect to live a lifetime?

What kind of cake is easy to digest


Painting the pie is to let me work hard and work overtime. This is what I thought before. Just like the boss who flew thousands of kilometers to tell us about his recent thoughts, the ending sentence is: Now it is time for us to run fast, we quickly ended this project, and there are many more projects to come.

Maybe I heard it before, it was an overtime mobilization meeting. But now I can understand his intentions, especially for start-up companies, where the company has fewer people, and everyone is even more.Only by working together can we work together to do great things.

For those who have just entered the workplace or short-sighted people, “you can get a salary increase after finishing this project”, “you can take a vacation after finishing this project”, this is the easiest pie, and the realization time is short. You can see it for real.

For those who are enterprising in the workplace, “you are in charge of this project, and you will be promoted after finishing this project.” “This project is very challenging. You can learn a lot. I will let you get in touch with it. core”. At this time, money is not so important. We all know that our own ability is better than a salary increase of 1-2 thousand;

For veterans in the workplace, “divided options” and “partnership entrepreneurship” are even more attractive. This thing is longer and more imaginary. Whether it can be done or not is not certain, but we live for this belief.

If your boss hasn’t painted you cakes, it’s not necessarily a good thing, maybe he doesn’t value you at all; if your boss has painted these cakes for you, you can see where you are.

Whether the pie is easy to be digested does not depend on the pie person, but also whether your stomach is good or not. I often say that work is regarded as a career, not a tool for subsistence. You go to see if your stomach power is sufficient?

Who ate the last cake?


We all hope to be the last to eat bread, but maybe you didn’t stick to it and didn’t eat it; maybe the boss repented and didn’t give it to you; or it was a hard work for no one.

So, some people don’t believe in pie, just like they don’t believe in love;

Some people don’t like big pie, they like the one that can be eaten immediately;

Some people forget the pancakes, after all, the process of pancakes together is more interesting.

I often think, if I were the boss, what kind of pie I would draw for employees, and this pie must be painted. If you do something without belief and passion, how can you make a bunch of people confident to follow you?

Finally, let’s summarize, leaders who don’t know how to draw pie, don’t do it with him, either they don’t value you, or they’re incapable.