Problem description: I have more bowel movements than before, and my urethral opening is painful. The examination is a prostate disease. What is the main method for men’s prostate treatment?
Question date:2020-10-25
Patient information: Age: 45 Sex: Male
Men’s prostate can be treated with medication.
Through antibiotics or anti-inflammatory drugs under the guidance of a doctor, the specific medication should be prescribed by the doctor, or it can be treated by surgery. The specific treatment plan needs to be determined according to the cause of the disease and the severity of the condition. Prostate diseases include many types, such as prostatitis and prostate tumors, and treatments are different for different causes.
If there is inflammation, it can be treated with anti-inflammatory drugs or antibiotics. If there is a tumor, it needs to be treated by surgical resection. The specific treatment plan is coordinated with the doctor.
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