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Does anyone remember papi sauce?

Just when everyone was about to forget her, a topic of “papi sauce new movie lines” suddenly appeared in a hot search on Weibo. Papi sauce, which has disappeared for so long, originally returned as the heroine of the new movie “Tomorrow will be good”, but the comment area is full of comments from netizens, “The lines are too embarrassing” and “Buy tickets carefully.” After being released for 8 days, the film scored a low score of 5.6 on Douban. Among the 6 films released at the same time around the Ching Ming Festival, the overall box office performance was once ranked last.

You must know that papi sauce was the top stream five years ago, with over 10 million Weibo fans, not losing the first-line celebrities, and the halo of “China’s No. 1 Internet Red”. Popularity is booming, capital is also favored, and he has received investment from well-known funds several times. A video advertisement is auctioned for 22 million.

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But in the past few years, the style of painting has changed. The once proud papi sauce has been searched on Weibo again, which is “papi sauce responds to online disputes.” Looking back on her experience, it is not difficult to find that In the past few years, papi sauce has been reversing her online celebrity label, and has been busy doing two major things-dreaming of the entertainment industry and running her own MCN papitube.

But the performance of being an actor was not satisfactory. After the establishment of papitube, after receiving the short video bonus, it turned around in place and failed to incubate the second top IP, and was a big step behind in the live broadcast era. At present, it has been surrounded by a number of new MCN institutions such as Qianxun Culture, Beauty ONE, and Yuanwang Network.

The reason is that some people in the industry believe that it is caused by human design. On the one hand, papi-chan’s “independent women” is assumed to have brought certain troubles and limitations. On the other hand, after being set back by others, papi-chan also began to think “Is not an independent woman”, if she I didn’t even think about where to go, how should fans continue to follow? Similarly, the development status of papitube also exposed the wavering of decision makers.

net celebrity transfer to actor, Douban score has not passed the passing line

“Hello everyone, I am papi-chan, a woman who combines beauty and talent.” In 2015, the short video era has just emerged. Papi-chan speaks at a rapid pace with a mouthful of Shanghainese, a mixture of Mandarin and English. The sharp and true complaints quickly went out of the circle and became popular in an instant.

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In the “2015 China Internet Celebrity Rankings” published by “Internet Weekly” that year, papi sauce ranked second in influence, second only to Wang Sicong. This trend of popularity continued until 2016. In that year, her Weibo fans exceeded 8 million, WeChat official account articles were read over 100,000 per minute, and video views were over 3 million.

Now more than five years have passed, and she, who was once known as the “China’s No. 1 Internet Red”, seems to be hardly mentioned by others, and every time she appears, it is more or less accompanied by criticism and doubt.

“In our industry, there is a generally accepted saying: When an Internet celebrity is out of steam depends on when the next hot spot appears.” Leopard Change IP founder, Leopard Change Academy Chang Zhang Dadou told Kaipineapple Finance that every internet celebrity has its own life cycle, and most of them have explosive power, but the endurance is flawed. Every time a batch of internet celebrities appears, a batch of internet celebrities will pass away. He and his partners have also created a series of popular Internet celebrities, celebrities and entrepreneurs, such as Feng Jie and Rising Sun Masculine.But in the end, without exception, they gradually faded out of public view.

Looking at the Internet celebrity circle, there are almost only two endings: one is to pass the air, and the other is to quickly break the circle taking advantage of the heat to realize the long-term commercial realization of IP.

Papi sauce doesn’t want to be overwhelmed. She originally graduated from the Department of Directing of Chinese Opera and graduated from a major, but chose to pursue her dreams in the entertainment industry as an actor. In 2017, the popular papi sauce appeared in the comedy film “Demon Ling Ling” directed by Wu Junru. The first screen show did not bring too many surprises. The Douban score of this movie was only 4.2 points. Evaluations such as “Why didn’t papi talk about two hours of jokes” also revealed the disappointment of Douban netizens: I originally wanted to watch papi sauce spit, but she did not expect her to act.

Douban netizens’ comments on “Demon Lingling”

In the same year, Papi Jiang intensively participated in the filming of “Tomorrow Will Be Good” and starred in the heroine. Yuan Yuan, the screenwriter of “Later Us” and “Fuck Off, Tumor Monarch” served as the chief director of the film. On April 2, 2021, the movie was released as scheduled, but the audience still didn’t buy it.

In the trailer released, Papi Chan said with a frustrated expression: “I am 27 years old now, I can’t drive, I haven’t been abroad, and I don’t have a passport. I still use a lipstick of 9 yuan. “This line caused controversy and complaints among the public, “What’s wrong with 27? What’s wrong with not being able to drive? What’s wrong with not going abroad? What’s wrong with not having a passport? What’s wrong with using nine yuan and nine lipsticks?” Because of “papi” “Jiang new movie line” is too embarrassing, this topic also rushed to the hot search on Weibo on the day of the show.

“Not only is the lines very awkward, but the plot is also very bloody.” Weibo netizen “Sijuzi” commented after watching the movie: “It’s really ugly. There is no narrative film with a trace of ups and downs, and there is no story. Speaking of sex. How hard is it to see? Two days after watching the movie, I can still think of posting a Tucao on Weibo.”

There are not a few netizens who are disappointed. Douban scores 5.7This can also be proved. The Douban comment area is full of a lot of similar expressions: buy tickets carefully, don’t look at them, and put them together.

Source / Douban

According to the real-time movie box office display of Maoyan Professional Edition, among the movies released at the same time period around Ching Ming Festival, the comprehensive box office results of “It Will Be Good Tomorrow” once ranked last.(No. 6). At present, it is only ranked 12th among all the movies being released, which is more than 90 times different from the box office of the first “My Sister”. “There is a difference between an Internet celebrity and an actor. Please don’t step into the movie circle easily, because it is too easy to roll over.” Entertainment blogger @娱乐闻大探秘 said.

Source / Maoyan Professional Real-time Movie Box Office

In addition to dreaming of the showbiz, papi sauce also tried variety shows for a time. Participated in 7 variety shows including “Star Detective Season 5”, “Inspiring Offer” and “Tucao Conference”, but still did not arouse too much waves.

In 2017, when the papi sauce was at its peak, Yang Ming, the founder of Taiyang Chuanhe and the co-founder of papitube, said: “I think she is already a star. We will not limit her development possibilities. No Rule out the possibility of her becoming an actor and director in the future.” Judging from the current results, the results of the transformation of the Internet celebrity papi sauce are not satisfactory.

Can papitube gain a foothold in the live broadcast era?

In addition to entering the entertainment industry, Papi Jiang has also found another development curve for herself—being a boss.

In 2016, after papi sauce became popular on the Internet, he quickly founded papitube with his classmate Yang Ming, but according to the staff of papitube, papi sauce is only responsible for the content. Therefore, one year after its establishment, papitube was merged into Taiyang Chuanhe under the name of Yang Ming, responsible for short video creation and self-media services. One month later, Taiyang Chuanhe received 120 million Series A financing from Star Chart Capital and Zhen Fund.

Be aware that in 2016, there was no clear concept of MCN in China. According to statistics from the Tianfeng Securities Research Institute, there were only 420 MCN institutions in China in 2016, which is not the same as the 28,000 predicted in 2020, and papitube is undoubtedly ahead of most MCN institutions.

Source / Tianfeng Securities Research Institute

Seize the opportunity and have capital to help, but disappointingly, papitube still has not become the boss. According to Xiao HuAccording to Lu Big Data, Papitube ranks 7th in the short video agency list with a valuation of 450 million yuan since its development. And its rankings in the live broadcast organization list and the delivery organization list are “no such person”, ranking 541 and 249 respectively.

Source / Xiaohulu Big Data

Perhaps because the real main force of the entire papitube is still only papi sauce. According to statistics from Kaipineapple Finance, as of press time, among its celebrities, papi sauce has the most fans, with Douyin 32.462 million and Weibo 33.15 million; Ling Ye second, Douyin 16.902 million and Weibo 270,000; Blowout Strawberry Congee third, Douyin 12.735 million, Weibo 1.82 million, data has begun to fall precipitously.

It can be seen from the number of fans that, except for papi sauce, the rest of the celebrities have already regarded Douyin and Kuaishou as their main positions for attracting fans. Even so, their number of Douyin fans is still far from that of papi sauce. Among them, there are only 9 Douyin fans with just over 10 million, and 64 celebrities with less than 100,000 fans.

In order to find more possibilities, papitube’s celebrities cover various types, such as Ling Ye who challenged the impossible events of the entire network to become popular, the puncture strawberry porridge is a beauty blogger, and itsRae is a travel blogger. Not only does it differentiate in style, the celebrities also try to “draw a clear line” with papi sauce and papitube. In their respective introductions, they have never indicated that they are from papitube, and papi sauce has never appeared in the video. .

“If it weren’t for you to tell me, I didn’t even know that the Strawberry Porridge was an artist under the banner of Papi Sauce.” A fan told Kaipineapple Finance.

< /p>

Source / Douyin

Some people in the industry believe that fans are not sticky, which may be a “common problem” of all papitube signing celebrities. Take the strawberry porridge with a flat tire as an example. In 2019, she became popular because of a video about changing clothes with her mother. She thought she would always follow the line of beauty, but in the video she is sometimes funny and sometimes shows talent, but she is not the most funny Yes, it is not the most talented, and the label among fans is not clear enough.

Last year, the puncture strawberry porridge also tested the audition program “Creation Camp 2020”. It should have had more advantages to participate in the audition program with its own traffic and backing by Taiyang Chuanhe, but she was ranked in the second round. Be eliminated. In fact, the talent show is a pick among fans, which once again proves that the stickiness of the fans of Strawberry Porridge may not be that strong.

The stickiness and activity of fans also directly affects papitube’s advertising revenue. According to papitube COO Huo Nifang, as early as 2018, the proportion of papitube’s revenue brought by papi sauce was less than 50%, and more than 40% of bloggers could realize independently. According to the observation of Kaipine Finance, in papitube, the few tens of millions of bloggers itsRae and Wudi Haoke have only two obvious ad placements in the videos released on Douyin this year. Moreover, there are many advertisements that belong to the form of team packaging, such as itsRae and puncture strawberry porridge at the same time accepted the placement of a new car company.

In 2019, papitube signed a celebrity in the Taobao live broadcast room to test the live broadcast delivery, but this business did not operate normally. In 2020, the popularity of live streaming has not changed papitube’s original plan. The team still maintains the original business model: advertising, e-commerce, and occasionally opening Taobao stores. According to new shaking data, the papitube family has no live delivery records.

Source / Papitube official micro

From short video to live broadcast e-commerce, papitube has not taken this step for a long time. Zhang Dadou believes that it is determined by papitube’s IP gene. “At the moment papitube was established, it was already infused with the genes of papi sauce, and the company’s operation method will naturally be developed with the short video that she is good at. And the big ones behind MCN institutions such as Qianxun Culture and Beauty ONE IP, Wei Ya and Li Jiaqi, who grew up from the ecology of live streaming, naturally, their operation mode is completely different from that of papitube.”

“The pioneers of the previous era are likely to be the ‘martyrs’ of the next era.” Zhang Dadou sighed, saying that this sentence on papitube does not violate peace.

Cheng Ye was set up by others, and failed Ye were set up by others

Poison tongue and independence are the initial impression papi sauce left to the public. In subsequent public occasions, papi sauce’s remarks also continued the style of independent women, such as putting yourself first in the order of life, not participating in the life of in-laws, Support older single girlfriends to be themselves and so on.

Source / “My Girlfriend”

But when such a person is set up, the effect of “things must be reversed” will appear, including after the release of “Tomorrow Will Be Good”, many viewers feel that the heroine is very similar to papi sauce, “Xiao Yu has a strong sense of autonomy, Becoming the person she wants to be is the only driving force in her heart.” Director Yuan Yuan also said: “Papi sauce’s own experience is highly consistent with this role, and it is more like a true character.” However, she is attracted by independent female characters. The audience who come will naturally not be embarrassed in the playThe lines and the suspended plot are bought.

Such “person-designed backlash” has even continued into Papi’s personal life. After papi sauce gave birth in March last year, netizens picked up the child’s father’s surname, and immediately launched a “nonsensical” scolding war in the comment area. The point of contention is whether the father’s surname is related to feminism. There was a lot of trouble in this matter, but Papi-chan himself did not respond immediately due to physical reasons.

It wasn’t until September 2020 that papi sauce finally responded on Weibo saying that he had never hired a navy army to abuse others, no self-directed or acted, no malicious marketing, but only a word about feminism and surnames. Not mentioned.

No matter what the reason, she did not speak up about this, and there are many fans who are disappointed by this. As Douban netizen @小桑 said: “This matter is ultimately a discussion about the right of naming. The surname Quan is not a mistake. Even if she said one thing, my child and my husband’s surname, but I still support and respect those who follow the female surname. But she didn’t even say such neutral and objective words, and let the situation develop, and finally This led to the naming rights being labeled as’extreme feminism’.”

Relying on the “independent women” personality to attract fans, but has been entangled in whether to maintain this personality, which may be the biggest “heart disease” of papi sauce at present. Some people attribute papi sauce’s stalemate to the limitations of the “independent female” label on her body, which is difficult to tear off, but Zhang Dou puts forward an opposite point: “People are not set up to the extreme, and they have not followed the trend in time. Upgrade is the fatal injury of papi sauce.”

Take the above-mentioned case of the husband’s surname as an example. Zhang Dadou believes that if you want to establish an “independent female” personality, then Papi Jiang and the team behind it should respond in a timely manner during the naming rights dispute and put forward a series of suggestions. The new feminist viewpoint can not only take the opportunity to gain a firm stand, upgrade the personality, but also give more confidence to your diehard fans. In this era, there have been more and more feminist spokespersons, such as a group of “new representatives” of feminism such as Long Jie Zhang Yuqi. The presentation of more extreme values ​​is the core of gaining and retaining die-hard fans, but papi sauce chose to avoid it.

On April 2nd, Papi Chan said frankly in an interview with Phoenix.com: “After giving birth, I really thought about myself or not an independent woman.”

“Having a clear value orientation and value standpoint, and putting it into tangible behavior, fans will recognize their personality.” Zhang Dou said that papi sauce and her company do not Will not understand this truth, “Maybe she hasn’t figured out where to go yet.”

Papi sauce’s indecision is also reflected in papitubAmong e, according to Xiao Hulu’s big data, the types of celebrities signed by Papitube are mainly storytelling, hilarious and good-looking people. The remaining 75.53% of celebrities cannot be clearly classified, not to mention personality and personality. Label it.

Source / Xiaohulu Big Data

Zhang Dadou told Kaipineapple Finance that if Papi Sauce herself didn’t think about what person to leave, fans would be even more confused. This directly determines that her fan stickiness will not be too strong, whether in the showbiz or In the Internet celebrity circle, they can’t mix up, and so does papitube.

“In my opinion, papi sauce’s current route is not the worst, but it must not be the best. With the existing traffic, it can continue to make money, but papi sauce wants to rise again, if not It is basically impossible to do in-depth human design upgrades and genetically compatible industrialization cross-borders. This is also the status and problems faced by most Internet celebrities. All the advantages in the past are most likely to be the shackles of today.” Zhang Dadou said.