Problem description: I have treated the gallstone disease through lithotripsy, but I have some abdominal pain in the past two days. Are there any sequelae of gallstone lithotripsy?
Date of problem:2020-10-25
Patient information:Age: 52 Gender: Male
Gallstones will appear Sequelae.
The rubble may cause local redness or swelling of the skin, and in severe cases, the rubble may cause serious damage to the gallbladder. Patients with gallstones are mainly caused by obesity or poor eating habits. It is best not to treat them privately to avoid abnormal bile secretion or affect the body’s recovery.
Sequelae after gallstone lithotripsy need to go to a large hospital for detailed examination. It can be treated by laparoscopic minimally invasive surgery or open surgery under the guidance of a doctor, which can be quickly relieved.
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