Problem description: I have severe pain in my abdomen. The doctor asked me to have gallstone surgery. What is the impact of gallstone surgery?
Question date:2020-10-25
Patient information:Age: 40 Gender: Female
Gallstone surgery will cause patients Indigestion and diarrhea appear.
Surgery will remove part of the patient’s gallbladder, which will reduce the patient’s absorption rate of greasy and spicy food, and cause abdominal pain and indigestion. Patients also need to monitor their heart rate and blood pressure all the time after the operation to avoid serious sequelae, and if necessary, they need to take antibiotics as directed by the doctor to control infection.
Patients need to reduce the intake of greasy foods in their daily life. They can eat more vegetables and fruits that contain fiber and vitamins to supplement the body’s required nutrients and help improve disease resistance.
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