Problem description: My scalp was tight when I was sleeping. I only had a hair transplant in the afternoon. I was afraid that it would affect my growth. How many days after the hair transplant, can I survive?
Question date:2020-10-25
Patient information: Age: 49 Gender: Male
Can survive two days after hair transplant .
Hair follicles can survive 48 hours after the operation, and within 4 days after the operation, the wound may become crusted. There is a short shedding period after the hair transplant, and the transplanted hair may slowly fall out after two weeks. The main reason is that the blood circulation needs to re-establish the hair follicles, which will lack a lot of nutrients and cause temporary shedding.
After finishing the hair transplant, take care of the local hygiene. Avoid scratching the local skin with your hands. It is likely to cause the hair follicles to be irritated and cause inflammation and infection of the hair follicles.
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