Problem description: I want to add vitamins after the hair transplant. I want to eat some fruits. I heard from others that vitamin supplements can promote hair growth. What fruits can I eat after hair transplants?
Question date:2020-10-25
Patient information: Age: 45 Gender: Male
Hello, regarding the area of ​​hair loss and For friends who are not too big, only one hair transplant is needed to achieve the ideal hair transplantation effect. For cases where the area of ​​hair loss is large and the effect of one hair transplantation is not ideal, you can decide whether you want it according to the condition of the donor and the hair transplantation technique. Repeatedly. Hair follicles are a non-renewable resource. Once wasted or necrotic, new hairs will not grow again. Therefore, when choosing hair transplantation institutions and hair transplantation techniques, you must make a careful choice. Don’t wait until the donor is insufficient and regret it. Secondary hair transplantation is still not good for hair.
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