Problem description: Yesterday, I had a hair transplant operation in the hospital. After the hair transplant, there was edema in the scalp. What kind of medicine should I take for the edema after the hair transplant?
Date of question:2020-10-25
Patient information: Age: 45 Sex: Male
Edema after hair transplantation can be guided by a doctor Under the use of anti-inflammatory and swelling drugs.
Most patients are likely to cause head edema after hair transplantation, accompanied by peripheral edema. This is a relatively common phenomenon, and most people will disappear within a week. If the symptoms are more severe, you can To intervene by means of drugs, it is necessary to clean the scalp to prevent local infection.
Hair transplantation is a relatively conventional treatment for hair loss. After the hair transplantation, you need to pay more attention to rest, ensure adequate sleep quality, and do not stay up for a long time. It is likely to lead to a weakened immune function and cause hair fall.
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