Problem description: After the hair transplant, my scalp felt slightly itchy. I was afraid of infection. I wanted to take some medicine to prevent it. Do I need to take medicine after the hair transplant?
Question date:2020-10-25
Patient information:Age: 46 Gender: Male
No need to eat after hair transplant medicine.
This type of surgery is different from ordinary surgery. It only acts on the surface layer of the scalp and does not touch the brain nerves. After the hair transplant surgery, take care of the local hygiene, avoid being irritated by cold water, avoid local sweating, so as to avoid infection of the scalp, it may also cause local bleeding, which may affect the recovery of the hair transplant surgery.
After the operation, you need to go to the hospital for review regularly. Eat light and easy-to-digest foods in your diet, and don’t stay up late. Staying up for a long time may cause your hair to fall.
Recommendations are for reference only. If the problem is serious, please go to the hospital for detailed inspection