Even if companies have been interviewed, it is still no review for relevant content

Editor’s note: This article from the Securities Daily, author: Xie Ruolin.

On the morning of April 10th, Liu Shuang forwarded the news that “Xianyu Renting House was interviewed” in the shared rent group. There were only three members in this group. They were not familiar with each other, and the only common experience was in Xianyu. Yushang rented this three-bedroom apartment outside Beijing’s East Fifth Ring Road.

In fact, in order to avoid the high intermediary fees of intermediaries, many Bei Piao prefer to choose “direct rent by landlords.” Douban renting groups and Xianyu renting houses have emerged as a result, but there is always the problem of lax review of listings. There are many second and even third landlords among them, and renters can only “try their luck” by relying on simple trust.

The reporter recently published the housing information on Xianyu Renting House and found that even if the company has been interviewed, it still has no review of the relevant content. Whether it is the landlord’s promise or the housing situation, the authenticity of the information can only be relied on “The landlord knows it.”

Wang Yuchen, director of Beijing Jinsui Law Firm and director of the Real Estate Law Research Association of Beijing Law Society, said in an interview with a reporter from Securities Daily that if renting information is released as a landlord, the platform should check the authenticity of the listing. Basically verify the legality to prevent some intermediaries from forging information, or illegally renting out some houses that could not be rented out in the first place.

“Now on many platforms, a lot of rental information is false. For example, some are obviously intermediaries, but under the banner of the landlord; for example, some are obviously public rental houses, but they are illegally subletting or even being subletted. Some intermediary agencies have unified external subletting.” Wang Yuchen further stated.

The rental market is a mixed bag

Speaking of the almost pitted experience, Liu Shuang said that when he graduated in 2019, in order to save intermediary fees, he began to “find a house” on Xianyu. After layers of screening, he finally found a bedroom he likes. But after she went to see the house on site, she discovered that the so-called “landlord” was actually a “professional second landlord.”

“Generally speaking, a three-bedroom house rent is more cost-effective than a one-bedroom house rent. In the same community, if the rent for a three-bedroom house is 10,000 yuan per month, then the rent for a one-bedroom house can often reach 6,000 yuan. /Month. Therefore, a “professional second landlord” was born. They rented out the shabby three-bedroom apartment and sublet it after a little decoration to earn the difference.” An intermediary who has been engaged in renting for many years told reporters that many young people It is impossible to distinguish the difference between the second landlord and the landlord, and many people are deceived.

“The direction of the house is very good. I almost had to pay. Fortunately, I met the previous tenant who came to ask for the deposit. I only knew the eldest sister who seemed to be very talkative. After the rent was over The deposit will be withheld under various excuses.” Regarding that encounter, Liu Shuang said.

Even if he has had an unpleasant renting experience, Liu Shuang still choosesI chose Xianyu to rent a house. “Xianyu also has some reliable listings. If you don’t have money, you can only spend time to screen. The landlord sister I met now is very good, and my roommates are also found through Xianyu. . But everyone has indeed had unreliable rental experiences. Youyou (roommate) also met the’wretched’ uncle when she saw the house before. He kept staring at her and was scared to run away.” Liu Shuang said, “Now In retrospect, I was so courageous, but fortunately everyone was fine.”

As early as 2016, Xianyu launched the rental business, focusing on C2C renting, and quickly gained the approval of Generation Z with the two policies of “real person authentication” and “ban on intermediary fees”. During the 2018 graduation season, Xianyu’s then person in charge, Weiye Chen, publicly stated, “In the last year alone (2017), more than 18 million people searched for houses on Xianyu, and Xianyu accumulated more than 7 million listings. .”

Although Xianyu did not explicitly disclose rental data in the following years, a reporter’s investigation found that Xianyu is still one of the most popular platforms for young people. However, until now, Xianyu’s rental housing is still not standardized.

Can fake listings still be published without barriers?

On April 9th, the official WeChat account of the Beijing Municipal Commission of Housing and Urban-Rural Development revealed that it recently conducted a law enforcement inspection on Alibaba’s “Xianyu.com”, which has increasing housing information. Allow the brokers who have not obtained the filing brokerage agencies and the brokers who have not obtained the practitioner information card to release housing information and other issues. The Municipal Commission of Housing and Urban-Rural Development conducted an interview with the company, emphasizing the platform’s supervision responsibility for the main body of housing information release, and requiring it to immediately rectify and implement information review.

After being interviewed, Xianyu’s publishing station announced that for violations of publishing requirements, penalties such as delisting or deleting listing information, lowering rights or blocking listing information, and restricting publication will be taken according to the severity of the circumstances. At the same time, Xianyu will also cooperate in transferring information and behaviors suspected of violating laws and regulations to relevant state agencies for handling.

However, on April 11, the reporter tried to publish a piece of false listing information on the Xianyu platform. The photos of the listing to the specific information were all fictitious. The reporter found that publishing rental information on the Xianyu platform can choose “direct rent from the landlord” or “sublet”, but no matter which one you choose, you don’t need to provide any proof, and even the reporter can apply to be labeled as an “individual landlord.”

As of the deadline at 20:00 on April 13, 3 Xianyu users have contacted the reporter to inquire about the housing situation. When the reporter stated that he was a “second landlord”, the other party did not ask for a qualification review, and even one Users said that they often encounter “second landlords” and are used to “unlicensed rentals”.

In response to this situation, Xianyu did not give a clear reply when interviewed by reporters. The other party only said, “The standardized development of the rental market has always been the direction of our efforts.”

“If Xianyu.com did not review the rental information published by the individual, it is not consistentComply with relevant regulations. Zhao Ming, a partner of Beijing Zhongtong Law Firm, told a reporter from the Securities Daily that Article 30 of the Measures for the Administration of Online Transactions stipulates that “third-party trading platform operators shall review, record, and save commodities published on their platforms. And service information content and its release time”, which indicates that the platform is obliged to review and review the release content of rental information, while Article 23 of the “Internet Transaction Management Measures” further clarifies that “third-party trading platform operators should apply for access The review and registration of the business entity identity of legal persons, other economic organizations or individual industrial and commercial households that sell goods or provide services on the platform” actually shows that the rental platform has the obligation to review the subject qualification status of the landlord.