Delicious and healthy, how does the vitality forest realize its ultimate proposition?

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On April 10th, Yuanqi Forest officially released a “late upgrade”. The so-called upgrade is to admit that the previously vigorously promoted “0 sugar, low fat” is misleading, and it is easy for users to think that it is “0 sugar, 0 card” “, the packaging will be changed to “low sugar and low fat” in the future.

Although Vitality Forest tried to “beautify” a misleading copy as a “product upgrade”, the media consistently characterized this statement as an “apology.”

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This is not the first time Yuanqi Forest has responded to the “0 Sugar” controversy. At the beginning of this year, some media reported on whether sugar-free sparkling water is an IQ tax. Related topics appeared on Weibo hot searches, with the highest popularity being 78w.

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On January 10th, @元气森林 published a “Reminder on Milk Tea”, emphasizing that “Milk tea is zero sucrose, not zero sugar”.

From “reminder” to “upgrade”, how does Yuanqi Forest seek a breakthrough in the “0 sugar” marketing dilemma?

The logical paradox of the “0 Sugar” Colosseum

In recent years, the concept of de-saccharification and non-saccharification has rapidly become one of the mainstream trends in the food and beverage industry.

As early as 2018, Coca-Cola has deployed and explored the healthy and youthful beverage market. Many of its categories have launched zero-sugar/reduced sugar products; starting from 2020, Yili, Uni-President, Yinlu, Nestlé, Jianlibao, Master Kong, Nongfu Spring, etc. have launched “Iran Dairy Sparkling Water”, “Tea Pa”, and “Cold Brewed Green Tea” and other new drinks with the main “sugar-free”… The fight on the “drinks” track is becoming increasingly fierce.

Zong Hao, Vice President of Yuanqi Forest, once said that Yuanqi Forest has seized two “opportunities of the times”. The first is to connect consumers more effectively through the two “emerging channels” of chain convenience stores and e-commerce platforms; The second is to realize an important change in the marketing strategy of consumer products, that is, activating KOC on social platforms is a more effective and cost-saving marketing path than spending a lot of money to buy traffic. Therefore, brands should exchange good products for good reputation.

Vitality Forest is indeed a brand that is good at marketing momentum. This is also one of the important reasons for its ability to break out of the beverage industry where there are many giants and new products. It uses the concept of “sugar-free zero card” to dispel young people’s interest. The resistance of sugar has satisfied their desire to drink carbon water.

But, is the marketing logic of “0 Sugar” consistent?

On Zhihu, the most frequently asked questions about the vitality forest are questions about “getting fat” and “sugar-free”. The controversy mainly focuses on the following three points:

Promote “Drink milk tea that is not fat”;

Declared “0 sucrose” but added fructose;

Promote “low GI”, but “low GI” does not mean “healthy.”

Dr. Dingxiang published an article “Fructose is a healthy sugar, is it okay to eat more? “, concluded that “fructose is far less healthy than the legend.” The well-known science blogger “Dad Test” used experimental data to prove that blood sugar did not increase after drinking the vitality water. However, some experts say that although the sucralose in the ingredient list does not cause a rise in blood sugar, it will stimulate insulin secretion, which will cause the desire to eat a lot of carbohydrate. In 2020, ai Finance and Economics published an article “Four Questions about Vitality Forest”, which directly questioned the inducing information in its brand promotion and product packaging.

Excessive marketing enters the dilemma

First of all, show consumers a “responsible” “big-name temperament”. On Yuanqi Forest’s Weibo, many netizens praised it for setting a good example for the fast-moving goods industry, and “bright, refreshing, and vigorous” added points to the brand image.

Secondly, cleverly resolve the logical paradox between product and marketing. The deliberate blurring of the boundary between zero sugar and zero sugar has increasingly aroused professional doubts and dissatisfaction. It is better to use a “product upgrade” and packaging replacement to indirectly give One step down by yourself.

There are many voices for the Yuanqi Forest platform. There are articles praising that “Yuanqi Forest adheres to the long-term philosophy of the brand and upholds the tenet of customer first”. Some KOLs also said that they will continue to “support high-quality domestic products.”

Vitality Forest has gone through the fiercest period of competition. What is needed next is a more rigorous review system for expressions in nutrition. Recently, Huaxi Biotechnology was exposed to promote “Hyaluronic Acid Drinking Water”, and the slogan “Drink the water beautifully, drink the water beautifully” was also questioned by professionals about false propaganda. The public’s awareness of healthy eating continues to increase, but businesses will also be more cautious about harvesting the slogan of “IQ Tax”.

After becoming the top market leader, Genki Forest needs to actively change and correctly face strict scrutiny from the market, consumers and even competitors. With Genki Forest’s leading “apology”, the so-called “0 sugar, 0 card” The market will also usher in more stringent supervision.