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As we all know, everything originated in real estate.

After all, real estate is the mother of the economic cycle, and it is the treasure of a lifetime that ordinary teenagers ventured in the steel forest.

Young people can hold sauce stocks on an impulse, but they cannot hold commercial housing on an impulse.

Is there anything better than real estate? What’s your mother’s name?

Called the cemetery.

When housing prices in big cities are still tens of thousands and tens of thousands, the real economic cycle grandma takes the cemetery, and the price rises at the rate of aphrodisiac.

According to the information on the Internet, the lowest 0.45 flat cemetery in Beijing Changping Tianshou Cemetery is priced at 118,800, the 0.7 flat cemetery in Jingyang Garden is priced at 119,000, and the one-square-meter cemetery in Shenyang Tianshan Cemetery is 3 The amazing price of 200,000 yuan.

Don’t be too expensive. I haven’t counted the prices of tombstone carvings, management fees, shroud offerings, caskets, etc., if one set comes down, grandma will love you.

So the young man panicked. He thought that the house he lived in for his whole life was to reap his own sickle, but he didn’t expect that the graveyard that ended his life was the real boomerang. The gap between life and death was opened up in an instant, and the loop was closed. This The housing price can be regarded as empowering oneself for life and death.

For this reason, some people are far-sighted and get a loan for the grave property, and some people who come over with flexible thinking go directly to buy houses in low-priced places, and change the yang house to the yin house.

Beijing people go to Hebei to buy, Shanghai people go to Jinshan or Nantong or Jiaxing to buy.

In the local area, you can buy a one-square-meter cemetery with a 20-year property right for tens of millions of dollars. It is better to spend hundreds of thousands of a hundred square meters to convert a Yangzhai house into an ancestral hall. Hang a plaque at the door, change the black window, and putThe Changming Lantern and Melon Fruit Pear Tao are graves in the world.

They are all very good, but the 70-year-old grandfather and grandmother Li in the other buildings in the community suddenly suffered from bedwetting.

At night, the community is really cold.


Why is the price of the cemetery so free?

The first thing to bear is the land issue. At present, the price of land is so high that the price of land is high, and there are too many monks and porridge.

According to the number of deaths of 120,000 people in Shanghai each year and the average cemetery area per capita, the complex will not be built, and Tesla will not come, so the price increase can only block some users.

People are equal before death, but where they die depends on their ability.

Under the situation of imbalance between supply and demand, prices will inevitably get out of control. Non-profit cemeteries cannot be buried in order. There are no tombstones for mourning after the ecological tombs are buried. This forces consumers in need to turn to commercial cemeteries and stir up prices. stand up.

Finally, after the funeral group goes public, there is a demand for profit. Consumers think that the deceased is big, and the price is not repaid. They just get 80% of the gross profit.

This kind of business where no customers can give bad reviews, doesn’t this increase, am I still a human being?

Don’t make money because of conscience.

Selling graves is difficult to obtain land, so those buying graves have to borrow money;

The deceased has no place to bury, and the living are changed to grave-view rooms.

Under the predicament, I thought for three days and nights, and finally found a blue ocean of sharing economy business.

It is recommended to start a multi-person cemetery model at the tomb, and launch a service of cemetery.

Don’t laugh, be serious, let’s analyze the problem from the essence of the matter.

Why do people squeeze their heads and grab the cemetery? Attributable to it is nothing more than two thoughts, seeing death as life and the unity of heaven and man.

Take death as life, that is, enjoy the treatment of being alive after death. This is destined to grab the cemetery.

The unity of nature and man, that is, man is a small universe, and it must resonate with mountains and rivers. This is destined to grab the cemetery.

With the combination of these two ideas, is the cemetery still a funeral problem? That is a cosmic problem.

In addition, everyone has a psychology of comparison, and eventually it gradually becomes a little complicated, even a little absurd.

When you go to entangle the meaning of the cemetery, you will always encounter realistic shocks and absurd protests. Let me briefly describe it, and everyone will feel it.

Everyone suffers when they are alive, and then suffers the crime of face after death. Isn’t this outrageous?

Many people bury the old man in a one-square-meter cemetery. If he really regards death as life, the old man would have to break up even a fart, and he would be afraid of knocking the neighbor’s grave when he turned over. Don’t find guilt?

Many children are still at every turn to burn carts, horses, and tender molds for the elderly. In this square meter area, how can the elderly be happy in life?

You said that heaven and man are one, spend tens of millions to plant me 80,000 willow trees for the grave. Every day I can see the first rays of the sun. For this reason, my children and grandchildren will help me in the middle of the night. Sleep comfortably?

So the current dilemma is outrageous. If children, grandchildren and elderly people are determined to be materialistic, there is no need to grab the cemetery;

If there is something to believe in, then the situation in these cemeteries is ideologically contrary, and it is a fart.

The cemetery must be shared, and sharing the cemetery is the only medicine in the chaos.

Don’t laugh.


From Maslow’s theory of survival, I talked about the possibility of building a foothold in the “tomb-tomb-tomb” model.

The first thing is to solve the needs of life at one point.

More people fight for the same price, which means cost reduction and service upgrade.

In the past, a person could not stretch his legs, but now three or five friends put together a huge grave. Not only can they stretch their legs, they can even change the upper and lower bunks and change positions regularly;

In the past, I could only feel the incense of my own children. If the children had something wrong with their mouths, they could only pinch their noses and eat them.

Even if it is going to be super-duty, the mages hired by the children in batches can allow the elderly to feel the baptism of the Buddha many times. In the future, whether the master will directly open the super-duty line or even set up an office in the cemetery, this can be imagined.

OnlyTo use enough users, there is a demand.

On this basis, the security requirements are also solved.

How many people pay attention to being safe in the land, are they really safe? I’m afraid it may not be.

Many family members buried a lot of funerary items in the first half of the day, but in the second half of the day, they were remembered by the thieves. Even if they have anti-theft means, they can defend against the tomb gang that has lived for hundreds of years?

Several young men from the tomb robbed them into the grave with hoe and pickaxe. Does the old man dare to speak up even if he has some opinions?

The tomb is still not big enough, and the database is still too centralized. You can look at the Mausoleum of Qin Shihuang to see if any tomb robbers have successfully entered the grave for a few words with Uncle Ying.

Ms. Ying Zheng raised his hand for 100,000 Qin Jun and spilled these melon skins.

Now we have several old men in a grave in the tomb-fighting mode. When the tomb thief comes, there are more of us than him. Is it appropriate for him to leave something?

Inappropriate, very inappropriate.

The most important social needs and respect needs are also solved.

I am frank, most elderly people have difficulty socializing.

The old people you can see playing chess and poker on the street are the lucky ones. Most of the old people are gradually shrinking their social circle. Even if they have friends, they gradually leave by themselves. When I came, I was watching TV alone at home;

Not to mention the physical inconvenience, is to bear the price of loneliness, and even the discrimination and insult of the nanny.

You said respect, a person who has no social interaction at all, who will see him? What about respect?

We are still young. There are countless spiritual and civilized products to help us make up for the emptiness. Some people still feel lonely and bored about living alone;

Now after you let me go, you still live alone in one room and one living room. When you burn an apple, you don’t necessarily burn the charging cable. Is this filial or unfilial?

So, you must use the sun spell to empower the underworld and share the tomb, which is a good thing.

Fighting graves mode is to improve these two pain points.

For those who love to play chess, the two graves;

For those of you who love to fight against landlords, the three of us fight for graves;

For those who love mahjong, four people fight their graves;

For the glory of the king, let’s fight the grave with five of us, and set up special areas such as bronze, silver, and gold. The track is buried under the grave to directly turn on the de-escalation mechanism, and the physical RANK will take you to fly.

In the past, your teammates who pitted your teammates online can’t get revenge offline. Let’s solve them directly in the grave. I will let you know what is the closed disciple of Teacher Chen Hegao.

On this basis, if a person is not respected, a group of people are not respected?

Holding enough money in his hand to buy U.S. coins, the boss I persuaded to think about it, is it time for you to work for us;

Many people have never met a partner who will support them throughout their lives. Perhaps they can meet someone who will accompany them in the future while fighting their graves.

Let’s build a nightclub grave, and a hundred people will fight the grave directly, and the square dance will be cool. Astronauts who have observed from space can really see what a shining light ball is.

In the end, it is the pursuit of self-realization.

A person’s life is the pursuit of a spiritual end. The long road is rugged, and there are no two or three who can speak, so incomprehension is always in the shadows.

Many old people are buried, but the arrangement of the tombs is very unreasonable. There is even the epitaph on the left that says “Fu Li Super Recommend”, and the epitaph on the right says “Jesus said the resurrection is on me. Life is also with me, and those who believe in me will resurrect even though they die.”

Buddha disciples and Jesus believers have different beliefs, different offices, and different administrative procedures, but they all come to their homes separated by a wall.

That is to say, the tempers of the two teachings are good. If the believers of Feitian Ramen Sect of the Noodle School and the Ramen School believers are buried in one place, it is necessary to add some salt to the noodles.

The whole cemetery is filled with cheerful air.

Let’s fight the graves and divide the graves according to their life preferences. The tombs of Norda can always meet fellow travelers.

The periphery of the star singing grave is a circle of sincere fans; scientists are no longer lonely, and the sages are beckoning to discuss the righteousness.

Religious leaders showed up to teach the Fa, and everyone finally found an ideal country.

Sanjie lamented that the people finally had to rest, and the fragrance of Taoyuan kept on;

Du Fu, who had been down for a lifetime, took a nap, and when he woke up, he saw Li Bai.

He said himselfThe stars clinging to each other.

This is love.


Furthermore, do we really need to care about tombs? The earth was originally a tomb where too many passersby worked together.

Owning is only short-lived, sharing is eternal.

The tomb will eventually collapse. After the 20-year period of use, whether my children and grandchildren will still love me as I did when I died is still unknown. Maybe things are different. In the future, my body will dissipate cleanly. What is the use of the tomb? ?

It’s better to sprinkle the ashes before you die, and fall into the river water, just like the moon.

Or donate the organs, and see more people match Party A’s meal for me;

Or become a general teacher, teach students during the day, check homework at night, and see which drawing is wrong, I will personally counsel him.

Young man, why did you paint my cow so thick and long, are you special…

Good job.

To commemorate my children and grandchildren, they melted my ashes and turned them into gems, so that I can witness the process of their marrying their spouse, or tie up the rockets of me and teacher Ma and launch them directly into the sky, into the deepest part of the universe. Tracing.

I really miss me, just look at the stars in the sky.

Life and death can’t restrain me, neither does the earth. Since I am a passerby, don’t restrain me in a small tomb, let me roam freely, although the universe is big.

I will always return.

Because I never left, I just changed a form.

This article is from WeChat official account:Xianren JUMP (ID: xrtiaotiao)< span class = "text-remarks">, author: semi-immortal Buddha