Problem description: Hello, my child is 6 years old. The main check is two and a half pairs of hepatitis B and hepatitis B antibody quantification. The results of both pairs and halves are all negative. The day before the blood draw, I took Kairuitan and salbutamol tablets. Will taking medicine affect the results of blood draw? I read that Kairuitan’s instructions should not take this medicine 48 hours before the skin test. It is an antihistamine, which will cause or reduce the positive reaction of the skin test. You can’t take this for the skin test. Can you take the blood test? Two and a half pairs of hepatitis B had antibodies, and taking medicine resulted in all negatives. Will taking these two medicines affect the results of blood draw? Do I need to draw blood again? Thank you
Question date:2020-11-11
Patient information:Age: 6 years old Gender: Male
Problem analysis :Hello, according to your description, usually if you are infected with hepatitis B, you can check it out through a blood draw. It doesn’t matter whether you eat or take medicine.
Guidelines: Therefore, the current test results are reliable, but taking some antihistamine drugs may affect the results of the skin test. Generally speaking, taking antihistamine drugs Drugs, the skin test drugs can only be used 48 hours after the drug is stopped, so as to avoid drying the skin test, resulting in allergies.
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