Problem description: I fell from a farm vehicle and had an operation. After the operation, I didn’t breathe spontaneously. The doctor said my brain was swollen, I was on a ventilator, and my blood pressure was unstable.
< b>Question date:2020-11-11
Patient information:Age: 58 years old Gender: Male
Question analysis:You Well, according to your description and examination, this situation considers the existence of severe traumatic brain injury. If the operation has been completed and there is no spontaneous breathing, you still need to continue to use a ventilator for treatment. Currently, you generally need to live in intensive care Room for further treatment.
Guiding suggestions: As the current condition is very critical and life is still in danger at any time, we must actively cooperate with the doctor for further treatment. The treatment is mainly nutrition support dehydration to improve brain function and life support and other treatments.
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