Problem description: An elder in the family accidentally fell a few days ago, causing knee joint replacement. What are the sequelae of knee joint replacement?
Question date:2020-10-26
Patient information: Age: 48 Gender: Male
Knee replacement is also called artificial Total knee replacement is an artificial joint replacement that is feasible after knee osteoarthritis has developed to a certain degree.
The sequelae of knee replacement are divided into short-term complications and long-term complications. Short-term complications include pain, infection, thrombosis, mechanical instability, joint instability, etc.; long-term instability includes infection, osteolysis, and wear of the prosthetic polyethylene pad, which are very common in long-term complications. Complications in the near future have a certain morbidity. There are certain complications in the operation of each disease, but the complications mainly depend on the patient’s condition, the surgeon’s condition, and the postoperative recovery.
It is recommended to observe the condition of the limbs frequently to prevent adverse reactions after surgery. Pay attention to the principle of sterility to prevent intraoperative infection.
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