Problem description: Hello doctor, my mother accidentally slipped and fell at home on October 19 this year, causing a fracture of the right femoral neck. On October 21, an operation was performed at Jiayuguan Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. An injured suture was found after the operation. It is much larger than normal. The right foot involuntarily opens out
Question date:2020-11-14
Patient information:Age: 49 years old Gender: Female
Problem analysis: Hello, according to your description, there is still a process for healing in this situation. Don’t be too anxious. You can consider continuing to cooperate with some bone nutrition and bone growth drugs for treatment .
Guidance suggestion: In the case of foot valgus, it may be caused by the dryness restricting the movement of the foot. Generally speaking, this situation will occur as the bones grow well. Gradually improved.
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