Problem description: Observed by microscopic examination: A circle of intestinal cavity was seen irregularly bulging throughout the entire circumference when the colonoscope was inserted to about 70cm from the anus, with dirty moss on the part, brittle texture, easy bleeding when touched, intestines The cavity is narrow and the mirror body cannot pass. The patient is asked to take 4 pathological blocks and spray hemostatic drugs locally. Exit the lens for observation. There are multiple broad-based polyps scattered from the transverse colon to the rectum, ranging in size, about 0.3cm-1.2c in diameter, with a smooth surface. The mucosa of the sigmoid colon and rectum is scattered in multiple spots with congestion. Please help me to answer. Thank you
Question date:2020-11-14
Patient information:Age: 57 years old Gender: Male
< b>Problem analysis: Hello, according to the situation you described, this is generally due to inflammation.
Guide and suggestion: This polyp is generally not effective in conservative treatment, and surgery is mainly required. It is recommended to take Changyanning or mesalazine for treatment. Pay attention to regular review.
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