What to eat for breast nodules

If a person has frequent emotional ups and downs, it will cause the body’s liver qi to be unable to clear normally, and it will also lead to irregular menstruation in female friends. If there is no effective improvement in time, breast nodules are more likely to occur, and this needs to be adjusted. So, what is good for breast nodules?

Breast nodules should eat foods rich in citric acid, such as the strong citric acid in citrus peel, which has strong anti-cancer activity and can enhance the human body Immune Function. Tomato is also a particularly suitable food. Regular consumption can enhance the function of small blood vessels, and eating more can relieve breast nodules.

The manifestation of breast nodules is breast pain or lumps before menstruation, which will disappear after the end of menstruation. The breast nodules in this situation do not need to be treated with drugs of. Usually, eat more fruits rich in vitamin C, especially green vegetables, and eat less food rich in hormones to relieve breast nodules.

Breast nodules are particularly common in modern people with high pressure. Although they don’t need medication, they can’t be ignored. Women usually need to adjust their mood, and don’t touch tobacco and alcohol. If the results of the examination are more serious, such as enlarged lumps, increased pain, and a tendency to become malignant, surgery is needed for treatment.