What foods should be forbidden for breast hyperplasia< /p>

Female friends should pay attention to breast health, it is best to go to the hospital regularly Check, and you should always check yourself. Nowadays, many women suffer from breast diseases, such as mastitis and breast hyperplasia, which requires timely treatment. So, what foods should be forbidden for breast hyperplasia?

1. Foods containing caffeine: Women who have breast hyperplasia should not eat it Foods that contain caffeine, such as coffee, chocolate, and milk tea. This is because there are a lot of purines in the above foods. This substance can cause increased mammary gland hyperplasia, so it should not be consumed.

2. Honey: I believe everyone is familiar with secretion, this is more common Tonics, many women like to consume honey. However, when suffering from hyperplasia of mammary glands, avoid eating honey. This is because honey is a food containing estrogen, which is not conducive to women’s breast health.

3. Breast-enriching health care products: Many women are now taking breast-enriching health care products, and these products contain a large amount of estrogen, which is not good for breast health, so they are not suitable for patients with breast hyperplasia.

4. Stimulating food: When women find out that they have breast hyperplasia, You can’t eat irritating foods, such as spicy strips, hot sauce, etc. Because these foods are very irritating, they can easily lead to aggravation of breast hyperplasia after consumption, and it may also affect the treatment.