Problem description: Born on October 24, 2020, only 27 weeks + 3 days of pregnancy at birth, weighing 995 grams, entered the NICU immediately after birth. I was infected with Escherichia coli to break water production, and my baby also had an infection. After a week of treatment, no Escherichia coli was found. After 26 days of birth, he could not withdraw from the ventilator, so he started to use hormones. After 3 days of brain B-ultrasound, the white matter softening and cerebral hemorrhage were 1.1×1.6cm on the left and 1.1×1.6cm on the right. Now there are drugs for brain nutrition
Question date:2020-11-22
Patient information:Age: January Gender: Male
Question analysis: Hello, according to your description, the child’s condition is still serious at present, and he still needs active treatment.
Guidance suggestion: It is recommended that the current situation requires active cooperation with doctors for further treatment, and symptomatic hemostatic treatment should be considered to prevent cerebral hemorrhage from further aggravating and life-threatening. Secondly, consideration should be given to it For further treatment for poor respiratory function, it is still necessary to consider continuing to use a ventilator for maintenance treatment, and gradually evacuate after the child’s vital signs are stable.
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