What is the cause of the abortion syndrome< /p>

Some women will have some special circumstances after pregnancy, causing their pregnancy to not continue, so they need to adopt abortion. Abortion should be smooth for many people, but it is a minor operation after all, and a small number of women will have abortion syndrome. So, what is the cause of abortion syndrome?

There are many factors that cause abortion syndrome. First, when women are too nervous during the operation, bleeding and pain occur, these diseases may be induced. If you are a woman with a poor psychological endurance, it is generally recommended to use a little calming and sleeping medicine before the operation, which can reduce the occurrence of such diseases.

Women who experience palpitations, vomiting, arrhythmia, and pale complexion during an induced abortion can be called abortion syndrome. If the disease is more serious, there may be a drop in blood pressure, syncope, etc. The main reason is that the nerve endings are excessively excited to release acetylcholine. It is necessary to stop the surgical treatment in time and use drugs for treatment to avoid sequelae.

Women should maintain a steady state of mind before a miscarriage, and don’t be overly nervous. After all, the pressure is high, the number of abortions is more, and the probability of abortion syndrome in women is higher. Therefore, women relax their minds. During the abortion, doctors and nurses are usually by their side. If abnormalities are found to be dealt with by professional means, there will be no Serious consequences.